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People who love the fantastic outdoors will always want to be able to experience new places so when you’re thinking of places to visit, look at the national parks. One excellent place to consider is Badlands National Park because it’s a truly incredible place with a lot of stunning visuals to provide. This is actually the home of many animals and it is a prairie environment that even offers amazing rock formations you just will not see anywhere else. That is what makes Badlands such an extraordinary place to go for nature lovers. Plus, in South Dakota costs are low so there is a whole lot to appreciate in terms of affordability, as well.

There are more than 64,000 acres of wilderness to this park which definitely causes it to be one of many larger parks in the United States today. Red Shirt Table is the highest point in the Badland region and definitely a site to see, being over 3,300 feet high. It makes for a spectacular photo opportunity and is an important attraction here. This is a newer park, too, being designated only since November of 1978. Along with the animals that live here today, there are a huge number of fossils that continue to be here, too, from prehistoric times.

A lot of this area has long been home to various Native American Indian tribes. That means that Badlands National Park is a excellent place for fossil hunters and amateur historians alike. This is when tribes like the Lakota, the Arikara and the Sioux will come to hunt and often live. The Badland has been home to humans for more than 11,000 years in accordance with historians. That makes this a very important historical site not only for the United States, but in addition for the continent in general.

This is such a rich and often overlooked park that you really must see if you are an admirer of natural splendor. Here, also, the black-footed ferret is being released to the wild again – one of the most endangered mammal species on the continent.

Individuals who want a truly exceptional experience that can only be found in South Dakota certainly need to make a trip to visit this park. The Badlands hold more than one may think that just may surprise you in terms of their sheer richness. It is deemed an incredible place to take photos and make memories.

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