Will The Expendables be back for a return visit of the Hotels in Rio de Janeiro?

April 25, 2011   Filed under Destination

This is a dialogue that will discuss an evident trend, Brazil’s footprint in the film industry is growing. It’s already been recognized that Rio de Janeiro will be holding both the World Cup and also the Olympics. This in addition to Brazil’s economic improvement has had a striking effect on the Latin country’s logistical potential.

No longer just a place for a vacation or taking a holiday, apartments, flats and hotels are popping up that could easily deliver accommodations to Hollywood’s masses. Should additional large budget films appear to the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema. Over the past few years, Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton was filmed in Rio de Janeiro as well as more recently Stallone’s Expendables was also filmed in Brazil. Perhaps he’ll be back to blow up a few more buildings and hotels.

After Elite Squad II, premiered at movie theaters across Brazil in early October, taking in a record R$14 million (US$8.23 million) at the box-office receipts in its first weekend. As the sequel to the 2007 hit there was ample buzz and hope, while also offering yet more evidence that Brazil’s industry is not only developing, it is pushing ingenuity to the next level.

While Rio de Janeiro used to be just a place to take a vacation and visit the lovely beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, it would now appear that the type of real estate has grown. While it was once cost prohibitive for production companies to travel to Brazil to make their films it would now look that the playing fields are evolving. Rentals of more elaborate equipments are now accessible and Brazil now has extremely creative professionals to bring to the table. The industry is obviously growing. The fact that professionals can be found who live in the country in their own homes and apartments can obviously lower expenses, such as the bills you are likely to have in hotels.

So is Brazil set to be house of the Latin Hollywood? May just be, at the rate that apartments and flats are being built, it’s only logical that there is considerable progress taking place in all areas of Brazil’s economy. While the availability of accommodations is obvious, it can also be noted that contributions that can be made by skilled artists and workers is also expanding. Without a doubt, the artistic contributions to the film industry originating in Brazil will be something to keep an eye on in the coming years.

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