Where To Go For The Best Gay Retreats

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Gay retreats offer the ideal chance for those who are feeling tired and drained to find peace and fulfillment. Most people need a holiday at some time in the year. With the pressures of modern life this has become even more important. If you are gay and have experienced discrimination your need might be greater than some. There are a variety of places that are ideally suited to gay retreats. All you have to do is choose where you want to go.

There are a variety of different types of gay retreats you can experience. There are many organized retreats that you can go on that feature seminars, yoga, meditation and many other activities. If you would prefer to be a little more independent then there are a number of travel companies that organize vacations away to various gay friendly locations.

If thought provoking and informative seminars, lectures and workshops are what you are looking for then you could try Hamilton Hall. This beautiful building is the only gay run and gay owned center for retreats in the whole of Europe and also offers party weekends. This means it is ideally suited for both party animals and those seeking peace and education.

If you are looking for a gay friendly area to visit for your holiday you could try Noosa cove. The cove is situated on the North Queensland coast and is a haven of peace and beauty. The area not only boasts stunning beaches that encourage surfing and swimming but is also a nature lovers paradise. The National park offers bushland, forests and lakes that are teeming with wildlife.

The surroundings that you like to spend your leisure time in will dictate what type of retreat you might like to go on. Many retreats are situated in high quality hotels and wellness centers and offer luxury features such as jacuzzis, spas and beauty and grooming facilities. Others are available that are more basic, but no less beautiful. Programmes run in organized retreats include anything from erotic exploration to philosophical discussion.

If you are looking for a place to go for your break that will fulfill a number of aspects then you can’t go far wrong with Costa Rica. This beautiful holiday destination offers restaurants, shops and disco’s for those who seek evening entertainment. For the nature enthusiasts Costa Rica is paradise. The rainforests, volcano’s and endless beaches promote a feeling of peace and beauty.If surfing is your pleasure then there are endless opportunities to indulge.

For something a bit different you might want to try the Dhanakosa retreat. The retreat is situated in the stunning Scottish highlands and is run by Buddhist monks. The retreat is based on the idea that irrelevant of race, gender or sexual orientation everyone can find spiritual fulfillment. Weekends specifically for gay men are run. These are based on the Buddhist path of ethics, meditation and wisdom.

If you are in the process of ‘coming out’ or indeed if things are just a little hectic at work you will probably be in need of a little bit of peace and maybe some spiritual centering. Maybe you need to get back in touch with who you are? However you like to do this, whether it’s through partying or finding a peaceful place to rest there will be gay retreats to suit you.

Gay travel to gay retreats pointers about gay retreats from author Howie Holben. He is the the force behind Spirit Journeys, a gay travel company. Spirit Journeys makes available gay tours throughout the world.


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