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December 21, 2011   Filed under Travel

The fact that golf is such a relaxing and enjoyable sport makes it perfect for focusing a holiday around. Something about the long rolling green landscapes, the sun and the methodical resolution of the game makes it a meditative and satisfying pass time. Many people think, however, that golf is a rich person’s game. And to some extent that is true, for many of the resorts that offer golf holidays are quite upmarket, but there are some cheaper places to go too.

First and foremost, if you are from England or the UK, you should just stay in the UK for your golfing holiday. There are so many great places to play golf in England, and the money you save on travelling costs can be spent on making your stay more extravagant. You may even use the money to stay in one of the more upmarket golfing resorts.

The best selling golf resort on Golfbreaks.com, and arguably the best in the country, is the Belfry golf resort found in Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. And it is not difficult to see why it is so loved. There is a stunning green setting, with all the facilities you could possibly want, which makes for an amazing holiday. There are other resorts in England that are perhaps as good, such as De Vere Belton Woods resort, and Marriot Forest of Arden offering its popular Sunday night deals.

Obviously, however, your enjoyment of the golf courses in England is limited by the seasons. The only time you get that sunny weather that is so conducive to a good game of golf is in the Spring and Summer. So for the rest of the year you should probably head abroad. There are plenty of places in Spain, for example, that are more consistently visited by good weather, and perhaps just as goof for golf.

Indeed, if the weather is the most important thing for you, then you should head to Almeria in Spain which has the highest amount of sunshine and lowest amount of rain out of all European cities. It also is a twist on the usual in terms of golf because all of the courses there are situated in desert.

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