User’s Guide To Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing

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If you enjoy sport fishing, you should consider a weekend trip here. This lake is a man-made body of water that is over one hundred miles in length. Sandy shores cover its twelve hundred miles of shoreline. Lake Cumberland striper fishing is in a class by itself.

The waters will literally seem to be boiling with fish when a school is feeding. There is a huge population of striped bass feeding off the plentiful bait fish that share their waters. These fish can be caught anywhere on the water, from the shore, near the river or deep in the middle of the lake.

Striped bass catches are strictly regulated, and the value of these restrictions is seen in the healthy population found here. Your catches may be inspected and you are required to get a license before you cast into the water. Your limit is small and you may catch the full lot rather quickly. One reason you may want to go out with a guide is to try for the big bass. They can grow up to thirty two inches long.

Bass like certain conditions such as warm water. The guides know where the warm patches of water lay. Bass may also be clustered out along sandy flats.

An experienced fisherman can catch large bass right up close to the shore. They use a technique where the jig is cast up onto the shore rather than in the water. In shallow water, a jig cast may frighten a large fish, and chase it away. The jig is bounced off the shore, and into the water, where it continues its way in short bounces. This movement attracts the bass, and will often get you your fish.

You can take advantage of windy days by maneuvering your boat to block the bait fish that are being driven by the currents. Bass will frequently feed on these fleeing fish. You can cast right into their feeding area.

In deeper water, many fishermen use sonar equipment to give them a bearing on schools of fish. They may troll for the fish, leaving baited hooks dangling over the sides of the boat while moving very slowly. They will also attach weights to their gear and try for the schools that are deep below the surface.

Striped bass are a lot of fun to catch. They can put up a good fight, and it is very exciting to bring one in. This area is a perfect place to go for stripers. There are plenty of cabins and other lodgings available, and a number of excellent guides to get you started. You will have a great time catching stripers here.

lake cumberland striper fishing

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