Treasure Metal Detectors: A Worry-Free Metal Detecting Adventure

April 18, 2011   Filed under Travel

To keep spirits up after a long, cold winter, and to give the sometimes-frustrated metal detectorists something to celebrate and enjoy, some groups hold a sponsored spring metal detecting outing. One such example is theseries of Civil War relic spring hunts held in Virginia that started at the end of March.

Associations of aficionados enjoyably dragged themselves in the nevertheless snow-coated lands of a Virginia plantation and swung away using their treasure metal detectors. Even though this was a part of the line of sponsored situations-the plantation was basically leased for metal detectorists for the occasion dates and thus, had the owner’s permission-the planners held it an actual search, simply no relics were being rooted.

The site was very likely a campsite or was on the route of both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War, so relics were present. Even then, with the decidedly too-cold-to-be-spring weather, the going was not easy. The sprinkling of wet snow on the ground and some more falling from the sky made for an interesting metal detecting and retrieving challenge.

Just after every day with their treasure metal detectors, many hobbyists came away with a find or two. An assortment of buttons, bullets, buckles, as well as Civil War time vase.

This is only one of such events held for and by metal detecting enthusiasts. Given a day’s pass to enjoy their hobby free from the worries of permits and sometimes, the stigma of the label night hawkers or worse, thieves. Opportunities such as these do not only benefit the hobbyists, it also shows the pastime of metal detecting in a clearer, more positive light: an outdoor activity enjoyed by all sorts of people who engage in it mostly for the love of the hunt.

So, after many months of being cooped up and not enjoying your favorite hobby, perhaps finding such an event will be a good way to start your metal detecting calendar. It’s a fun and relaxed jaunt that’s sure to ease you right back into your treasure hunting and metal detecting groove; and a fantastic way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

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