Tips for becoming a safer driver

February 2, 2012   Filed under Travel

Although modern cars are constantly being fitted with the latest devices to make our time on the road safer than ever, there are many important steps you can take to make sure you don’t cause an accident yourself.

To start with, making sure you give the road your full attention is the single most important step you can take to being a safer driver. We all know it’s illegal to text and call (without hands-free) on our mobile phones when driving, but smoking, putting on make-up, fiddling with the radio and eating and drinking should also all be avoided.

Another way to ensure the road gets our full attention is to keep conversations with any passengers light. Just as distracting as a call on a mobile phone is having a serious, emotion, distressing or potentially argumentative conversation with other passengers in the car. And whilst we’re at it, shouting at the radio or singing loudly along to a CD can also take your mind off the road, so keep music volume low and turn off any distracting radio shows.

Even if you abide by the laws of the road, that unfortunately doesn’t mean everyone else does. That is why it is important to remember that road signs and traffic lights don’t always mean everything is safe. When pulling out of a junction at traffic lights or on a road-about, make sure you have checked the way is clear as some other driver may not do the same.

And finally, planning your trip before you set off is another easy way to make sure you are a safer driver. Even if you have a sat-nav, using a map to figure out your route before you start driving can help avoid any unwanted surprises or having to make sudden decisions, both of which can lead to a road accident.

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