Things to Remember When Hiring a Car Abroad

June 27, 2011   Filed under Car Rental

The credit crunch certainly affected holidaymakers but many carry on regardless and we can expect to see many more on their travels this Summer. For those travelling more than a short distance abroad, hiring a car is often a consideration. It is not as popular an option as it once was, however, due to findings from the AA so if you are considering this option, you will need to take a few points into account.

When approaching car hire companies, be sure to press them when they are giving you data on distance and how much petrol they predict you will use. Do your research on what distances you think you will cover and look at public transport options as you may find it will suit your needs.

You will need a credit card as car hire companies won’t deal with you otherwise. It gives them the ability to check your credit file and also provides them with a form of security. More prospective customers are opting for an interest-free balance over a traditional credit card as it enables them to pay the balance more easily.

You will want to avoid paying any extra charges when you return the car. Past customers have reported such extra charges as expensive child seats, second driver charges and additional fuel have all been charged and they weren’t made aware of such charges when they hired the car initially. So be sure to check the small print carefully and ask about such potential charges before signing on the dotted line.

Another finding by the AA was that some of the cars issued were not certified roadworthy. The only things you can do to protect yourself as best you can is to pay by credit card and choose a company with a good reputation.

These tips will come in use on a Salou all inclusive.


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