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The dry tropical climate and rough hilly terrain of this tropical island caused it to be unsuited for agricultural purposes. Other islands of the French West Indies experienced early growth and plantation development, while this one remained poor and unspoiled. Since about 1970 its turn has come to shine. It has become a popular destination for wealthy tourists and homeowners who appreciate the beauty, quiet, and privacy the St Barts villas offer.

In 1746 Christopher Columbus named it after his brother Barthelemay. It is of the Leeward Islands in the Northeast Caribbean, approximately 160 mi. East of Puerto Rico. Neighboring islands include St. Kitts, St. Martin and Antigua.

This volcanic island contains 8 sq. Mi. (21 sq km) of territory and is surrounded by pristine beaches and shallow coral reefs. The highest point is 938 ft. (286 m.). Temperatures stay at an even 72 to 86 degrees (22 to 30 C). December through May is the dry season with more humidity experienced from June through November.

This place was colonized twice by native peoples, but there was no game and little could be grown. The French colonized it in 1648. It first knew prosperity after it came into the possession of Sweden in 1784, and was made a duty free port. They stimulated much of the early development, and named the capitol Gustavia. In 1853 an earthquake devastated the island. A fire later caused additional damage. In 1878 it was sold back to France.

While the official language is French, English is also spoken most everywhere, especially the hotels and restaurants. The 8,800 inhabitants are mostly European descendants of original settlers and newer settlers from North America.

About 200,000 tourists visit each year, with about 70,000 of those staying in one of the 25 small hotels or 400 rental villas, and the remaining 130,000 being passengers on luxury boats. The natural harbor at Gustavia, and the surrounding waters are a yacht haven. Scuba diving, wind surfing, and surfing are popular activities. Duty free, upscale retail makes shopping a fun and money saving experience.

Some seventy restaurants locate here prepare and serve Creole, West Indian, Italian, and Asian fare. Music of several Caribbean varieties is enjoyed. Poolside massages can be arranged at the rental villas, as well as yoga or private tours. Twenty-two public beaches await with warm coastal waters in a constant 68 to 74 degrees (20-23 C) temperature.

The heaviest tourism season is during the winter holiday season. Deep discounts of up to 50% can be obtained between April 16th and December 14th. A tourism tax of 5% is charged, so make sure it is included in the price and not added on later. There are only two gas stations, so expect your visit to be pollution and traffic free. The port here is not deep enough for large cruise ships so you will not see large crowds of tourists. Crime is pretty much nonexistent.

More than 400 St Barts villas of all styles and sizes can be rented for that quiet family tropical vacation or romantic getaway. These lodgings are located both directly on the beach and in the hills above where they provide spectacular vistas. If you enjoy your experience as much as most people you will want to return again and again, perhaps even purchase a home here.

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