The Strange Exhibits Denver Puts On Display

June 15, 2011   Filed under Destination

With all of the highly recommended museum and art gallery exhibits Denver has on display, it might be a good idea to have a look at some of the more off beat and unusual things. You only have a few days in the city, and you have decided that it would be a lot more fun to see the weird side of Colorado rather than the usual tourist stuff.

You first came up with the idea while you were collecting your luggage at the airport. You had heard about the bizarre and somewhat frightening set of murals in the airport here, but when you actually had a chance to see them up close you were speechless. If this was the kind of crazy thing they put in high traffic public facilities in this town, what on Earth would the stranger little museum have?

As it turned out, weird little museums were not really necessary. Even the main art museum in town has weird and unusual displays. Presenting a selection of Italian Renaissance paintings is one thing, but to fill that installation with pictures which feature creepy looking children is quite another. Still, that didn’t sound like something you were that interested in.

The Soundwalk installation on Curtis Street also sounds interesting. An ever changing aural sculpture buried in the sidewalk itself, the grates produce strange and unexpected noises when they are interacted with.

For a spooky afternoon tour, you have latched on to the Brown Palace as a potential candidate for fun. Ghost tours are usually really enjoyable, and this place is one of those old hotels that you like so much. Secret passages and gloomy corridors create the eerie ambiance in which the story of room 904 seems blood chilling even in the daytime.

One thing you have determined is absolutely necessary is to spend some quality time with those airport murals again. If you check in a few hours early you will have plenty of opportunity to examine these unnerving and surreal pictures. There is something about the subject matter as well as the presentation technique that just feels weird and wrong to you. With any luck, you will be able to take some photographs of them.

There are plenty of exhibits Denver galleries and museums would like you to come and see. But some of the strangest and most memorable sights in the Mile High City are to be found in some rather unusual places. Which seems only appropriate, after all. Read more about: exhibits denver

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