The Republic of Panama has authorized Sunrise Aviation, a flight school based in Ormond Beach, Florida, to train Panamanian pilots.

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Ormond Beach, Florida’s Sunrise Aviation flight school has been approved by the Republic of Panama to train that country’s pilots. International Flight Training Center, an affiliate of Sunrise Aviation has been authorized by Panama to provide training to students from Panama since 1999. With better aviation prospects in Latin, South America and that country, Sunrise Aviation will see a surge in the number of trainees from these parts of the world.

From the year1999 onward s ,Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil and other Latin and South American countries were the major countries from which, Sunrise Aviation have received students to join in their institution. Sunrise aviation graduates now are flying for airlines in many of these countries. Whereas in the Middle East or India where there have been shortages of experienced airline pilots while in other areas the Sunrise Aviation graduates have secured jobs. Many whom Florida’s Sunrise Aviation has graduated now work in places all over the globe.

Growth figures released recently for Latin America and South America indicate strong demand for aircraft purchases in both the corporate and airline segments. This will result in more pilot hiring in those regions during the next few years.

The current location of Sunrise Aviation, The Ormond Beach Municipal Airport was occupied by Sunrise in the year 1983 In recent years, students from more than 50 countries have enrolled in their pilot training programs. Currently, there are students from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE , Egypt and Yemen. Other countries which have approved Sunrise Aviation to train their pilots are Tunisia, Turkey, France and Spain. Whether you are planning to work as an airline pilot in a corporate setting, or are interested in personal training to become a Private Pilot, Sunrise Aviation offers the type of pilot training you will need. With their huge fleet of Cessna 152s, Sunrise Aviation can help you book those much-needed hours in a hurry. One can take flying lessons everyday at Florida’s Sunrise Aviation school.

The Cessna 172 SP is one example of the technically advanced aircraft models that can now be found at Sunrise Aviation, along with Cirrus SR-20 (with Avidyne) and Garmin G-10000, all including glass cockpit avionics. There are forty-three planes in Sunrise Aviation’s fleet, and that includes four that have multi-engines. The FAA approves this Pilot School and the Department of Homeland Security allows foreign students to enroll. Panama as well as Ukraine have permitted Sunrise Aviation to train pilots. The specific needs of pilots from Saudi Arabia, India and other countries are met by the specially designed programs by the Sunrise Aviation.

Sunrise Aviation has designed their courses for a particular person to be groomed as a private pilot,commercial pilot,, flight instructor, airline transport pilot with skills like instrument rating and multi-engine rating. It also have packages offered for students who wish to to be trained as a professional pilot and get placed as a corporate or airline pilots.

Sunrise Aviation was Currently Given the Honor as Florida State College’s Primary Vendor at Jacksonville Flight School. The FAA has approved the use of Redbirt Advanced Aviation Training Devices, said a spokesperson for Sunrise Aviation today. Florida State College at Jacksonville (otherwise know as FSCJ) gives approved FAA courses. The students studying in Florida State College situated at Jacksonville got the opportunity, just some time before, to practice with four Redbird LD AATDs. Based at Cecil Airport, Sunrise Aviation are contractors that specialise in flight training for Florida State College.

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