The Distinguished Chronicle Of Scandinavian Airways

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There are many fascinating stories of airlines in recent history, and Scandinavian Airlines is one with many twists and turns. If an airline can manage to stay in operation across many decades, than that attests to something worthy of note. Around the world, the airline industry is one of the most grueling and that is a straightforward justification.

After the end of the first decade of the 21st century, SAS Global is responsible for international air carrier operations. The Scandinavian Airlines Systems is the number one airline operating in Scandinavia. The airlines flies to more than 100 destinations around the globe including points in North America and Asia. The Star alliance was formed as part of the consortium of airlines in the SAS. A huge part of the success for any airline is brand awareness and marketing. In the mid 1950′s Scandinavian Airlines set the world on fire with it’s marketing campaigns aimed at increasing it’s brand awareness worldwide. They figured out an air route over the North Pole with a maiden flight to Los Angeles on the west coast of the US. Then they took a leap of faith and branded this service as “round the world service over the North Pole to the US.” The destinations serviced by that exact route included Denmark, Alaska and Japan.

What Scandinavian Airlines did was no different that what any other airline had done around the world. Expanding and capturing as much of the market as possible is the goal. Garnering the domestic flight routes within Scandinavia is what made them succeed. The airline achieved that feat by simply gaining either partial or full control of the smaller airlines operating in their domestic areas. With hard work the SAS was able to acquire Air Canada and the company that owned Continental Airlines.

Additional air routes include a flight to Oslo, Norway plus travel within Denmark. While the entire company itself employs in excess of 15,000 people, SAS DK employee count is just under 3,000. Because Sweden also has a portion of possession, the story is analogous to SAS Sweden. Domestic flights in Sweden, as well as flights out of Stockholm, Sweden to an array of European destinations are the field of operations.

Scandinavia and Europe boast some of the foremost central points for the international airline called Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Being owned by three countries, as well as public stock possession, this is an attention grabbing example for a well-known airline. The early years of SAS demonstrated how innovation with travel routes could prove to be very lucrative. The company was able to garner tremendous public awareness by their bold move to establish new air routes.

Due to predictions by the management in the company, a huge part of their accomplishments took place because of their predictions of the future, during the late 1900s.

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