The Best Times For Virginia Beach Fishing Charter Adventures

November 24, 2011   Filed under Travel

If you are thinking about taking a Virginia Beach fishing charter than you are thinking about having a great adventure. If you go during the spring you are bound to catch flounder, croaker, bluefish or many more. You can also go out during May and catch black drum that is said to be as much as 80 pounds during this month.

Summer is a great season to take out a charter in this area. This is because there are so many different types of fish that you can catch. If you love tuna and other fish then you will have a great time during this period.

Summer is also great if you like to fish for tuna. A good charter captain will be able to track where the good areas are for catching tuna using satellite shots. You can also choose from several other types of fish that are popular during this period.

For other fishing areas that are great to try are Weather Boy and Norfolk Canyon. Both areas are about seventy five miles from the coast of Virginia Beach. There are some other areas like the canyon walls that are known for great fishing during the summer months. They are worth a try.

If you go in late summer then you can also catch a lot of different varieties of fish. In October the water temperatures will be lower so there is not a lot of good fishing during this period. The striped bass is always still good during the colder months, though. The striped bass migrated down along the coast during this period.

No matter what months you want to go on a charter, you will find some good fishing. It just depends on what type of fish you want to catch. Virginia Beach fishing charter trips are always fun and if you want a good adventure then you should make sure that you book early to get a good boat.

If you are going to take a Virginia Beach fishing charter than you are thinking about having a great experience. For more information on local attractions and Virginia Beach fishing charters go to When a free V. A. Beach fishing charter trips here


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