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Bow hunting is one of the most popular sports with an increasing number of participants every year. Do However if you do not enjoy hunting then there are several activities for you. Competitive shooting and target shooting are very popular activities and each can be very rewarding. Most of the states have also extended bow hunting season beyond the regular season.

For instance, in the state of Illinois, deer hunting for bow hunters comes up during October and ends in January. However the gun season comes two times one during November for three day and again in December for four days. In case you like hunting then this is an excellent opportunity to engage in a challenging sport. However it is quite a challenge to bow hunt as the hunter needs to get closer to the game and even have the ability to shoot to complete the hunt. Therefore if you choose bow hunt then you need to choose the right hunting gear to have a good hunt.

Selecting the gears

Your first task is to select the right type of bow for the kind of hunting you intend to pursue. Basically, there are thee types of bows used popularly today which are crossbow, recurve bow and compound bow. The compound bow is probably the most popular among the others for a few reasons. This style of bow hunting has what is called as let off. This means that when the archer pulls the string back, there would be a point when it gets easy to handle.

This lets the archer hold the bow at full draw with little to no pressure on the arm muscle and so helps eliminate the up and down fatigue motion. The other advantage of compound bow is that it is capable of shooting much faster than recurve bow. When the arrow is faster it means that the trajectory is flatter. So, a bow that has flat arrow trajectory offers the hunter more room for error in judging the distance. Today there are several models of compound bows available that you can check out.

The reurve bow is also being used for several years and is currently making a popular comeback. This bow type does not have the let off like the compound bow as it does not have a release point. Here the archer usually has to get the shot off faster. Moreover if the bow is nearly 65 pound draw weight then it would stay the same until the string is released. This is quite different when compared to compound bow that released from 65 to nearly 50 pound at full draw.

There is also the crossbow which has also been around for several years. This type of bow is a cross between a bow and a rifle. Due to this reason, most of the states do not allow cross bows to be used. However there is an exception in the state of Illinois but only for the handicapped and a special permit needs to be availed. It is recommended you check with your state conservation agency to find out whether you can use this bow for hunting.

Before going on a Illinois deer hunting adventure you should learn Illinois hunts laws then book your deer hunts through a qualified deer hunting outfitter


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