The Benefits Of Degrees Overseas Study Programs

May 26, 2011   Filed under Travel

Degrees overseas can add a adventurous dimension to the academic program of your choice. The same or similar options are available for courses and degrees offered abroad as those offered in your local university. Yet the experience will be so much richer as you learn about a new country and become immersed in its culture and language. The experience can create personal, academic and professional opportunities that would not be available with the more traditional pursuit of degrees.

The first thing to consider is the issue of language. Will your studies be restricted to countries that speak English, or are you willing to experience total immersion in another culture and language? There is always the compromise of countries where English is the second language. This could make your academic work less difficult, but still afford the opportunity to become fluent in a second language.

If you complete your study overseas, you will have the opportunity to fully experience a new language and culture. No amount of vacation time can provide the depth of this experience. Fluency in two or even three languages can be the basis for an exciting personal and professional life. If you ever are employed by an international or global corporation, the ability to speak several languages is incredibly valuable.

If you are excited about the idea of foreign studies, but somewhat hesitant about making the commitment, participation in a summer study program will give you sufficient information to make the decision. Some of the summer study programs include as many as five countries. If you are not sure about which country to choose, these summer programs should enable you to make that choice.

For students who prefer to study in an English speaking country, there are still some great choices. Canada is a country rich in French culture and the culture of the bands of native Canadian Indians. Yet everyone will understand you when you speak English and be patient with your attempts at French. By the time you have completed your studies, patience will not be needed, because you will be fluent in French.

Maybe you have always dreamed of going to Africa, or Spain or Italy. What a wonderful to learn about other countries while earning your degree. You will likely encounter other students who are also new to your chosen country. The camaraderie and the friendships formed could last a lifetime. If Paris is the city of your dreams, imagine being able to see the Eiffel Tower light up every night. The wealth of museums in France is exceptional. There are so many opportunities for learning other than the classroom.

If money is a concern, do not let a shortage of cash get in the way of your search for the perfect overseas program. Most of the countries offering these programs charge a higher tuition for foreign students. These countries will welcome you, and they will be quite accommodating in your search for grants and student loans.

Whatever your reasons are for finding degrees overseas, this will be a time in your life that make for enduring memories. The more we understand the perspectives of our neighboring and far away countries, the more we understand how countries can work together. Your academic program may be the adventure of a lifetime.

International students can often find programs to obtain a business degree or a degree in law in other than domestic locations. You can live and study in another country and generally pay less money while you earn a degree.


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