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May 31, 2011   Filed under Travel

With a heavy yearly rainfall the Pacific Coast of Colombia is one of the most humid places in the world. In the north, the location where the ocean gives shape to bays and coves, the Pacific rainforest exhibits a piece of real estate with an enormous biodiversity. Contrasted this with the south. You will find it a luxury that the south is covered by copious rivers, is generally flatter, with the exception of its cliffs.

Of course to go to these areas you will want to consider places to start your vacation. You will likely find some luxury apartments or real estate for rent in the cities of Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali.

Another focus to be regarded are the islands of Gorgona and Gorgonilla, which are national natural parks just off the coast of Colombia. Obviously, these locations are untouched and protected nature sanctuaries. Clearly, they can be some great choices to enjoy calm and peaceful holidays in whatever apartments you have managed to find.

If you go inland you will notice that the Pacific Region is just as diverse as its seaside counterpart. As you have already likely surmised, this region is mostly made up by rainforest. But it needs to be noted that this area also features some lovely beaches, where vacationers can take delight in the natural landscapes, many of them which are still completely unblemished. This can make for amazing getaway vacations.

And finally it ought to be mentioned that there is a chance to see humpback whales in their natural habitat. These whales arrive each year to mate, and it should also be mentioned that this is also a home for marine turtles. Tourists from all around the globe flock to these locations to watch these species in all of their splendour.

So if you are searching for a gorgeous and adventurous trip, you must consider visiting the Pacific Coast of Colombia. The best places to begin your search can be Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali. You will definitely find some luxury apartments to suit your needs and desires. Perhaps you will be tempted to make something more permanent and find a sale for a long term option.

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