DVNF Announces Shipment Of Supplies And Support

January 7, 2012 by Marti Przewozman  
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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) announced today the shipment of supplies and support valued at approximately $141,000 to help women veterans who are homeless in the greater Tampa, Florida area.

The Tampa Crossroads Athena House provides housing for women with 24-hour assistance, counseling, a place to sleep for up to two years and job placement services.

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation shipment includes essential daily supplies such as sweaters, hats, blankets, clothing, water bottles and personal hygiene products. Officials at The Athena House will distribute the truckload of supplies to women veterans who are in need of help at the facility.

“The Athena House is a prime example of invaluable places in the community where many of our women who serve find assistance and a safe and supportive place to sleep,” said Precilla Wilkewitz, President of the DVNF.

“Up to 8,000 women veterans find themselves homeless in America, and there are close to 300 female veterans who are homeless in the Tampa Bay area where The Athena House is making such an important difference.”

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation was founded by women veterans and is dedicated to serving both men and women who serve the country and often find themselves in need of help that is too often lacking in their communities.

Any honorably discharged female veteran is eligible to stay at The Athena House. For more, call 813-248-VETS or go to www.dvnf.org for more information.

On October 4th, 2011, Disabled Veterans National Foundation announced the delivery of winter clothes, water, blankets and personal hygiene products valued at approximately $142,000 to Harbor Homes in Nashua, NH. Harbor Homes serves more than 1,000 clients annually- including residential services for close to 500 people.

Many of those who seek assistance are veterans. Harbor Homes provides residential and supportive services for homeless veterans and their families.

“Our outreach and support this fall has spanned across the nation and we are pleased to be reaching veterans service groups up into the New England states,” said Precilla Wilkewitz, President of the DVNF. “With the colder weather approaching, getting items like blankets and winter clothes to veterans in need is a real priority for the DVNF.”

Learn more about DVNF here.

Use A 60 Watt Solar Panel

June 4, 2011 by Roger Gallo  
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The first thing that comes into people’s minds when thinking about switching their home to solar power is the considerable bill. They may imagine having large solar panels sitting on their roof and a complicated electrical unit. With a high price tag of roughly $8000 for a complete system, most people won’t even think about getting a system.

Over time, employing solar power will save you a considerable amount of money on your electrical bills since the earth-friendly energy is created by the sun. When you pay off the the initial investment for your panels, you will start to save a significant amount of money because you will have no more electric bills and are basically getting your energy for free. If the initial investment needed to install solar panels is prohibitive for you, there may be an alternative solution.Are you thinking of installing a DIY solar water heater in your home? But have do not have much knowledge about it. Learn how to build solar panels at your house.

As an alternative, you can get a 60 watt single solar panel. It isn’t a considerable amount of energy but it will supply electricity for a small part of your dwelling, which will save you some money. For instance, you could light up a number energy efficient light bulbs around your home or outside, giving you more security for your home. You might want to power a mini fridge in your family room for extra cold drinks and microwave snacks. Most people wouldn’t usually be able to afford this as it’s believed to be a luxury. But since you would in essence be utilizing free energy, it wouldn’t cost that much.

But, you don’t have to just waste this new energy you’re getting! You could save on electric bill and power something like your laptop or home computer with a 60 watt solar panel system. You could likewise select another appliance that doesn’t use much energy and power in with your solar panel system so you can save some money. Even though you can’t connect many different devices to the solar panel because of a limited capacity, you can still save money on energy by connecting a few things. And because 60 watts is a small amount of electricity, you’re certainly not required to simply utilize one panel. You might choose to get additional panels to help produce more power for several appliances in your house.

If you’re good with tools, consider building a small solar panel system on your own as they can cost anywhere from 400 to 900 dollars if you get a pre-built one. Having small solar panels can help you to save money and be kind to the environment without requiring a sizable upfront investment.

If you are seeking to go green and put together your own solar panel you might desire to have a peep at DIY solar panels.

Evaluating the Reasons for Blood Movement Deficits

June 4, 2011 by Nancy Paul  
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Uncertainties about blood flow are more apt to pertain to older people, though young folks with certain medical conditions may also be at risk. Regular human aging seems to include a smaller degree of blood circulation, but there may be several other reasons as well. But reduced movement needn’t be cause for much anxiety. Ways and means are obtainable to build up the movement when necessary. Contemporary medicine and other areas have discovered many lifestyle behaviors that can impact circulation.

We all distinguish and understand well the importance of consuming enough water every day. We see that our bodies are by and large water, an incredible fact, but many of us don’t realize just what this means. For effective operation of our bodies, we must be sure to supply the appropriate things. There is debate on the old standard of eight ounces of water every day. One thing we have read very regularly, though, is that you should in no way let yourself to feel thirsty. Once you have that sensation, then you are sightly dehydrated. Another imperative bit of expert advice is to drink mainly water as opposed to caffeinated or sweetened beverages. Take in water throughout the day. Make sure that it is free from impurities. High cholesterol could cause erectile dysfunction that can be a awkward condition. Nevertheless there is nothing to worry about because this is treatable. Just have a glimpse into Viagra UK and solve altogether your troubles.

Numerous U.S. residents maintain active lifestyles, but there’s been a major national trend toward sedentary living. But it is more common for older adults to start settling into a sedentary life. This is in no way a good idea for general strength. But it’s mostly poor for the blood flow. When you move your body, you make your muscles work. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this improves the blood flow. When your muscles toil, your heart rate increases. That means blood is circulating more Even something as easy and simple as taking a hike will aid with blood flow.

Make sure you’re aware of how blood movement can be impeded by adverse lifestyle alternatives. One culprit, which has countless harmful effects on wellness, is a bad food plan. Your body requires high-quality sources of energy and food in order to function smoothly. You will likely not get all the nutritional value your body needs, like vitamins and minerals, if you devour nothing but sugars and fats as energy food. To improve your blood flow, be sure to bring in all those elements — get enough water, enough nutrients, and ample exercise.

An additional thing that you may find hard to believe, but which does have a detrimental effect on blood movement, is a high level of anxiety. What’s more, continual stress will cause the release of stress hormones that will work to injure your body. Elements of your cardiovascular system contract in response to tension. The stress hormones your body releases into the blood actually create this result. This procedure will moreover cause your blood pressure to rise and your blood to clot more easily.

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Facts About Bodybuilding

April 26, 2011 by Victoria House  
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For many years, there was a longstanding belief in bodybuilding that it was important to lose as much fat as possible. Much to the contrary, modern science is now telling us that fat is a necessary part of our diet. Our daily diet should include a certain amount dietary fats. Even the most experienced body builder can stand to benefit by examining the latest wisdom that science has to offer. Your overall fitness goals will largely determine how you make use of what this research has to offer.

The number of motives for there being certain kinds of dietary fats being so vital for really good health is likely in the hundreds. Think of molecules as built from small components, and fat is often an important building block. For illustrative purposes, the uniqueness of hormones shapes their tasks and operations. Something that is really critical for bodybuilders are fats, which are a really important part of their hormones. Not as many people are knowledgeable about certain hormones that can be really helpful with muscle maturity, as they are knowledgeable about the vitality of protein for muscles. It is the hormones that are made up of fat based molecules which are in charge of the amino acids which are important in the development of your muscles.

When you take away too much fat from your diet, you can actually delay rate of weight gain and reduce the enlargement of your muscles. That fact has been discovered by research in which they simply restricted fat intake too much. What was found out was that too much lessening of fats produced a descent in the levels of testosterone which involved both total and free testosterone. The experiment was fairly simple and the results were conclusive. When the test subjects could eat foods again that had fat in them, the testosterone returned its usual levels.

Increasing testosterone levels in your body can usually be achieved by taking some bodybuilding supplements. You can actually avoid the need for such a supplement by simply eating a certain amount of foods containing saturated fats. Most doctors would not recommend increasing your saturated fat levels beyond the daily recommended level. It is a good idea to eat enough saturated fats to not only produce testosterone, but to also maintain healthy cholesterol levels. So do not fall into the trap of thinking you have to spend a great deal on various extra supplements such as testosterone enhancing products.

In spite of what your aspirations are, bodybuilding can be a satisfying sport. Your work will be totally lined up for you if you would like to contend in an upper level. If you pay attention to the fats in your diet, you can not only make your results more striking, but it will also be more effortless for you to get to. It’s imperative to keep an eye on how much fat you take in every day, as the amount you consume is a heavy matter. Furthermore, this is a sphere in which you can modify your nutritional needs by being very particular about the fats you consume.

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Foods to Avoid When You Are Having An Active Bladder

April 16, 2011 by Roger Demetri  
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Is your bladder overly active? Do you find yourself often getting up for visits to the restroom? Have you experimenting to do other things to prevent these excursions to the bathroom? Most people think that any sort of bladder activity occurs because of just how much liquid we take in. This is exactly what makes a lot more people inadvertently dehydrate themselves when they’re trying to calm down their bladder activities.

Would you believe that sometimes it is what you might be eating that can be causing you to frequently visit the restroom during the day? The real truth of the matter is that those “pee breaks” are usually just a way to rid your body of waste. The waste builds up equally through liquid and solid intakes. Your waste is created up equally of liquid and solid elements, the forms they take when you ingest your food isn’t important.

Vitamin C is quite necessary for fighting off illness but it can also be a major factor in irritating your bladder. This is largely due to the fact that many citrus fruits include large levels of acid and thats why you need to avoid them both in solid and juice forms. Limes, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons are the main sources of this acid as are pineapples which, even though they aren’t actually citrus fruits, are still irritating to your system. You need to choose bananas, apples, pears and berries to get ample Vitamin C each day.

This might seem a little bit traumatizing but if your bladder is excessively energetic, you shouldn’t take in a lot of chocolate. Caffeine is in chocolate. Your bladder will not enjoy it when you take in caffeine and will reward you for this ingestion with lots of trips to the bathroom. The very same holds true for caffeinated beverages as well. If you have been making many trips to the toilet, lay off of the caffeine both in solid and liquid form. Choose dark chocolate and also decaffeinated liquids as a substitute.

Particularly spicy food items, like caffeine, might be very irritating to the bladder. This will probably be troubling for many who like spicy foods but it is vital, if you dont want to spend your evenings running to the bathroom, to avoid foods like super spicy nachos, wasabi sauce, etc. If the food makes your nose and eyes run it is going to help make other areas of your body run also. Choose less spicy versions of those foodsthat way you can get the flavor without the discomfort of your bladder.

We frequently reckon that if the waste has come out of your system as a liquid then it must have gone into your body as a liquid. This is not 100% correct. The waste material that comes out of our bodies is just the excess parts of what we have consumed that cannot be used or stored so it is excreted in whatever manner is the most convenient.

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Easy Ways to Attract Beautiful Women

March 31, 2011 by Simon Kendal  
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There are people who naturally seem to have a charm that attracts women. There are however many others who are often puzzled about what they can do to better their chances with the ladies.

Attracting smart women might not necessarily require for you to be drop dead gorgeous. As a matter of fact, there are many other things you need to do to attract these women.

A very important factor is ‘presentability’. If she can look at you and think you are decent enough on the outside, then you have a shot. Make sure you are tidy and clean. This will also increase your chances of having better self confidence.

Most pretty ladies are tired of hearing certain comments from guys. If you walk up to her and tell her the same thing that everyone has told her, you will be just another guy. Think about giving her an honest compliment to make her feel special.

You need to believe that you can do it or else your lack of confidence will show. Fear and worry that you will be rejected usually reduce your chances of hooking attractive women.

For your own sake, there should not be any over confidence because she will think you are arrogant. Most times, when people have too much confidence, they end up going over board and as a result they come across as arrogant.

Have an air of positive thinking all around you at all times. Have it at the back of your mind that you can attain the lady no matter how difficult it might seem. If there are certain people or ideas that seem negative, discard them immediately.

Last but not least, make her smile. While you talk to her, keep your humor alive and chat her up so that she will not forget you. There is no need to be a comedian, just make sure you do not bore her stiff.

Getting women to like you and want to be with you has always been a challenge for many guys. Discover all you need to know regarding how to find a girlfriend and how to attract a woman today!

Air Travel During Pregnant – First, Second and Third Trimester

March 24, 2011 by Julie Xillion  
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As you move through pregnancy, the challenge of flying when pregnant becomes greater and greater. In the first trimester, remaining motionless in an airline seat is much more comfortable. Traveling in the second trimester of pregnancy is in fact a bit safer than traveling all through the first or third trimester. Your risk is a bit lower, and depending how many weeks pregnant you are, your degree of comfort can be okay. The larger challenge comes when you are traveling during the third trimester of pregnancy. If you are flying when pregnant during your third trimester, not only do you carry a higher risk of premature birth, but just squeezing into the seat may very well be a challenge. Flying When Pregnant

The risks and challenges of air travel during pregnancy, but both can be managed with a little consideration and preparation. The air travel rules vary from airline to airline, but most have a particular cutoff after which you must not fly. The restrictions on flying while may appear like a hassle, especially if you have somewhere to go, but the travel restrictions are there to safeguard the health of you and your baby as well as protect the airline from increased liability.

Traveling During The First Trimester

In looking at the statistics, travel all through the first trimester of pregnancy is more risky than other trimesters. Although you may not be far along, variations in pressure, stillness for long periods, turbulence, and other factors may provide challenges to a pregnant mother.

Traveling During The Second Trimester

Statistically speaking, air travel during the second trimester is the safest. Even though you are required to get up and walk around, both to keep good circulation in your legs as well as get to the bathroom, traveling when pregnant in the second trimester should not be a problem.

Third Trimester

In traveling while pregnant, air travel during the third trimester is a challenge that increases as you approach your due date. In addition to the discomfort of fitting into your chair and having to sit for an extended period, your risk of birth is at the forefront of your risks. In fact, most airlines will not let you travel after you reach so many weeks of pregnancy. Unless it is absolutely mandatory, you should adhere to the airlines pregnant travelers’ policy and not fly when they tell you that you shouldn’t.

To discover what to do during pregnancy stop by whenpregnant.info.