Experiences Owning a Vacation Rental Property

January 14, 2012 by Trent Powell  
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Growing up I had the blessing to travel to a family owned cabin in Munds Park which is located just just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. We would visit our cabin 5-7 times annually together as a family. We have very fond memories within the cabin so when my parents made a decision to sell it about 6 years ago I immediately began looking to purchase a cabin of my very own. I wished to provide the children with the same opportunity to make memories with a family cabin after i had. We started seeking a cabin or land to build a cabin June 2006. We quickly found some land found in Pinetop-lakeside Arizona that is based in the white mountains and approximately 3 hours from the Phoenix area. It was a modest 8,000 sq . ft . lot but we loved how close it was to the movie theater, restaurants, ski resort, lakes, and much more. We decided against owning a site built home and placed a new manufactured home on the lot which we were capable of complete by November 2006. We figured we might make use of the cabin a couple of years and could market it for a profit at some point (yes, this has been throughout the the property market boom so you can imagine simply how much underwater I am). I can’t describe the thrill there was during our first journey with all the children to look our completely new cabin. We were treated to a great deal of fun our first time together the youngsters and ourselves couldn’t wait to come back. We took the 3 hr journey to the cabin as many weekends as possible. After our newbie of ownership as well as the realization we couldn’t sell the cabin, much less give it away, there was a challenge on our hands. We had the ability to scrape together enough money to pay for cash with the cabin. What we didn’t realize is just how expensive a cabin with out mortgage would remain. Whether a cabin is paid off or otherwise you still have to pay for property tax, property insurance, basic utilities, frozen pipes, re-staining the porch and many other expenses. We didn’t have need to be broke on a cabin we only visited Five times annually therefore we quickly jumped on the net to find a method to rent our cabin. This is where we met VRBO often known as Vacation Rentals By Owner. What really sold us about this vacation rental website was the simple fact we had several other friends who swore by it. We paid our initial $299 yearly fee and off i was praying to rent our cabin. Over the years and months we certainly have had great success using VRBO therefore we are capable of pull in roughly $8,000-10,000 per year. Some may think how wonderful it could be to bring in this type of money. We thought the same thing until we realized there seemed to be nothing remaining at the conclusion of the entire year. Don’t get me wrong, We’re very grateful to have the income given that it helps us break even annually rather then being out of pocket. It is amazing how expensive it turned out to rent our cabin. If you consider about it though, the greater you rent the cabin the greater utilities costs plus the more deterioration occurs. Hiding within the shadows were all additional negative aspects of renting our cabin that we soon came across and still have never been able to chase away. After owning our cabin since 2006 we have ultimately come to a conclusion we would prefer to be renters of any vacation rental property as opposed to owners. I’m sure lots of you have a different view, which I want to hear, nevertheless for our little growing family of 6 it is simply too much to deal with. Mentioned are some pros and cons of being a vacation rental property owner we’ve experienced. Purchasing real estate is never something we ought to do impulsively so don’t hurry, study your choices, review your finances and interview anyone you could find regarding their experience. What follows is a quick pros and cons set of buying a vacation rental property.


1. Vacation Property – you no longer have to pay anyone to rent a house you might or may not like. You can decorate the home to your liking and make any changes without having to call for permission. You have complete power over the place you purchase your property and what it may be like.

2. Potential Rental Income – we successfully rent our cabin 10 roughly times each year using VRBO but I’m sure if we rented it additional days we’d finally obtain profit. Depending on the spot where you purchase the property and how its purchased you may be capable of producing a profit quicker than we do.

3. Tax write-offs – If the property is purchased as an investment and/or rented per year there could possibly be potential tax deductions you may receive. Obviously I am not an accountant therefore, you would have to inquire additionally from the professional.

4. Bragging rights / Bucket List – As funny as it might read I’m sure many of us buy a vacation rental simply for bragging rights or to cross it off a bucklet list. The thought of buying a cabin was really a great fantasy I had as well which was a part of the reason I bought one.

5. Investment – If you purchase the investment in the perfect location and time frame you may be able to sell the vacation rental for a profit a little time at some point.


1. Maintenance – I’m sure a lot of you thinking of buying a vacation property currently own a residence. So then I’m sure you could have something month after month in the house that has to have some TLC. We found the repair off our cabin carries a hefty yearly expense from re-staining our porches or siding to rushing out a plumber in the event the pipes freeze and break in the winter. Often there is an unexpected expense.

2. Handling renters – Now this will only be a headache should you wish to rent your vacation property. I have many fantastic renters stay in my cabin but there’s always several nightmare renters annually I must cope with over the dumbest of complaints. Honestly, even getting a perfect renter still requires an initial conversation, a request for money, a signed rental agreement, vacation rental instructions, and much more. Presently when renting our cabin through the winter I have a daily fear my renter might call me and make me aware the heater broke or perhaps a pipe burst. There is definitely an unnecessary stress without anything even occurring.

3. Resell value – I acquired our cabin within the peak of the real estate boom and currently it’s worth roughly $60,000 lower than I purchased it for. What really hurts is when I remember I paid cash for the property. I’m not gonna say your resell value will drop but it’s a danger you have when acquiring any sort of property.

4. Vacant not being used – We have been only able to utilize our cabin about Half a dozen times annually. While we are there it’s a fantastic time together. When we aren’t there I just sit and look at my vacant cabin not in use and enquire of myself why I bought something with such little use. I could possibly have put that large chunk of funds my personal home and dramatically reduced or almost eliminate my mortgage as a substitute for buying this other piece of property. It is a painful thought, I promise.

5. Mortgage – Lots of people buying a vacation rental property don’t possess the luxury of paying it off therefore yet another mortgage hangs over their head. A mortgage is simply not something you can easily do away with very easily. Consider, a home loan, TLC, and whatever else occurs could be detrimental to the wallet.

6. Lawsuits – This could probably are categorized as renters but I want to make it it’s own category. One time I had a renter who slipped on ice on my front porch and broke his leg. His wife called me more than once telling me what occurred and also just how it occurred due fishing for funds from me. I quickly pulled out my vacation rental agreement to be certain I had put together the correct language incorporated but that also isn’t foolproof. Thank goodness they never tried to come after me personally but where do you consider my stress level was for a couple of months? Having a vacant property comes liability.

7. Basic Utilities – Again, this will probably fall into another category above although i thought it should be mentioned separately. To improve my possibilities of renting our cabin when not in use we offer cable television, Internet, tissue paper and soap (how about that), and also the basic utilities. I have a monthly expense starting the 1st day of every month whether I rent the cabin or not. The expense is varying from $100-200.

8. Maid Service – Since I live 3hrs from the our cabin I must employ a maid service to clean after each renters stay. The cost is $75-85 for a 3hr clean. They call me afterwards and report on their findings and inform me if it’s going to require me to pay an additional hour or not depending on how trashy the renter was. They also restock a lot of our basic supplies. This is an additional task you will need to manage in addition to anything else.

9. Emergencies (plumber, handyman, glass repairman, electrician, snow plow) – I have a big list of emergency contacts which i’ve used many times. It is not any fun when you have to call one of those contacts but it really doesn’t help when one isn’t available. I got smart after the first few times of having nobody to refer to but Google thus I have at the least 3 contacts for each emergency category

10. HOA – I actually built a cabin where an HOA exists. An HOA may either be amazing or a headache and I’m sure you’ve all experienced both types. There’s always a yearly fee connected with a HOA and certain demands that needs to be met.

11. Location – What will happen when a few years in the future you desire to obtain a seaside vacation property as opposed to a mountain property. Oops, can’t really pick-up your home and move it to a new state (well you probably could but you know what I mean). Also, what happens when the vacant lot alongside you now is being built and your views now are gone?

12. Vacation Website Rental Fees – You’ll want to advertise your vacation rental property somehow if you want to rent it. I started advertising using VRBO for $299 annually and am now paying over $500. Yes my yearly rentals cover the charge however it’s still a headache to deal with but yet another expense.

My cons list may go on and on. What amazed me about the pros list was how little I had been capable of put on paper. Honestly, following first 2 points as listed above I needed to ask my spouse that helped me to consider the other 3. For us, we would not likely purchase a vacation rental property again unless we’re able to utilize it a lot more than Five times a year. Remember Five times yearly is my average, I was only able to utilize it 3 times during the past year. We always tell ourselves how many times we’re likely to use it but life comes at you quickly and plans change. We realized we would preferably be a renter and we will pay a nightly rate to live anywhere in the world and once we’re wanting to leave we are able to throw our towels and sheets on the ground while not having to worry about having it spotless. I manage our property so the neat thing in my opinion about not possessing a vacation property is leaving all of the stress of owning and renting the house behind me. I would like to go on trip to relax and do nothing at all, instead of worrying and losing sleep over owning this type of luxury. If you are the ledge deciding between owning a vacation rental Lets hope this helps with your decision. If you find this post helpful please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

I love building websites and am currently building a vacation rentals Website based on property owner feedback. Please let me know your experiences using the vacation websites on the internet today.

The Very Best Of Rio De Janeiro’s Brazilian Environmental Visitor Destinations

December 19, 2011 by Andre Nunes  
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The Rio de Janeiro Brazilian beachfront sections of Copacabana and Ipanema are famed and where lots of vacationers spend their travel time. Nevertheless, as you are going to read below, there are several very worthwhile environmental places near Rio de Janeiro and its borders that you ought to venture off to whenever staying in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tijuca forest national park is the world’s largest urban forest. It encompasses 3,200 hectares, and it’s a couple miles from central Rio de Janeiro. Tijuca is the domicile of hundreds of uncommon varieties of plants and animals. Its points of interest range from the Cascatinha Waterfall, the Mayrink Chapel, the Excelsior Lookout Point, the Paul and Virginia Grotto, and the Fairy Lake. The jeep is most likely the ideal means of transport to discover this area.

Right in the heart of Guanabara Bay, Paqueta is a semi-tropical island without any motorcars: just bikes, horse-drawn carriages, only a few roads and no noise. It’s largely unpolluted, provides fantastic beaches, an appealing flora and wildlife, and nice optional outings: visit to Pedra da Moreninha (Moreninha Rock) or to Darke de Mattos Park.

The Botanical Gardens are an geographical sanctuary, housing uncommon species of tropical plants and creatures. It has 6 lakes with endemic varieties of lily, lotus, and also papyrus. Friar Leandro’s Lake, recently restored, is stunning. Wild animals and resident wild birds are a continuous existence, but the flora is yet much more remarkable. It offers around 8,300 specimens of trees and plants and even a green house of insect-eating plants.

Burl Marx Site is a legacy of a essential Brazilian botanist (Robert Burl Marx). The property and house of this site remain in Barra da Guaratiba, several kilometers from Rio center, and shelters in excess of 3,500 threatened and scarce species of plants. Additionally, it offers a great variety of social activities, plus a wonderful artwork assortment.

Regarding accommodations, whenever travelling to Rio de Janeiro, make sure you schedule well into the future. While the winter months can be easier to find available hotels or rio flats, the summertime is often very challenging, particularly during occasions like Rock in Rio, New Years and Carnival. The best choice for rental accommodations will be rio de janeiro apartment homes rather than hotels. Flats in rio supply more living space and independence at a better value. And for people that desire luxury, think about a Ipanema or Copacabana penthouse apartment on the ocean.

Your five-star copacabana hotel rio family vacation commences with Rio de Janeiro Apartments. Check-out their penthouses in copacabana website today to initiate your holiday plans.

Rio De Janeiro Apartment Rental Properties For A Fantastic Brazil Vacation

December 1, 2011 by Tathiana Pereira  
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When you’re shelling out money for your holiday, make sure you do this on quality accommodations with the best cost feasible. If you visit the most beautiful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, you’ll get the option of selecting from it’s variety of budget or luxurious penthouse apartments for rental. You’re likely to enjoy a superior experience in a rental apartment than a hotel room.

When contemplating Rio de Janeiro, the initial thing that one thinks of is Carnival. This is the most famous musical and cultural celebration in the world today; every year, Carnival draws people from all over the world. Besides the wonderful music and the dance rhythms of samba, the regional delicacies likewise draws tourists.

A mixture of music, life, food and belief pertains jointly. Rio is surely an unforgettable memory if you are lucky enough to embark on this incredible experience. Whether you feel like checking out several of the popular points of interest in Ipanema or Copacabana or sample its multicultural clubs and bars, this can be a wonderful city to reserve your holiday getaway.

Carnival is not the only purpose why a great number of folks pick Rio de Janeiro. A lot of people rent rio flats to enjoy the New Year plus the intricate and multi-colored fireworks display that goes off along Copacabana beach, coupled with the amazing nightlife that the city provides.

For the calm tourists, Rio delivers a number of enjoyable activities like taking a boat out into the deep blue waters off the coast of Copacabana and Ipanema that allows you to unwind as the ocean breezes passes by. The rio boat excursions also offer a way for you to fish and catch the well-known local delicacy, the Brazilian copper fish. The pleasant oceanic views and the warm sunrays will further your fantastic rio de janeiro family vacation experience.

Great food, wonderful nights and outstanding scenic beauty with a pleasing atmosphere – all bring about a fantastic holiday vacation. Just ensure that you book your rio de janeiro apartment rental as fast as possible because tourism here is substantial and flats do become unattainable weeks to months before hand, especially a luxury penthouse for Carnival or New years.

If you desire a magnificent getaway in apartment for rent in rio de janeiro, we strongly urge that you arrange early. Should you hesitate to the last second, you may not acquire a superior rentals in rio facility.

Finding Your Unique Penthouse Apartment In Rio De Janeiro’s Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches

June 29, 2011 by Arturo Vasco  
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You’ve went to see Rio de Janeiro, enjoyed your vacation holiday, intending to come back frequently so you are now thinking about acquiring real-estate for both an investment and a home. Your strategy can’t be any better since Rio’s real estate has been on fire and in all probability will proceed through 2016.

For somebody not necessarily acquainted to the region, the language or the customs, it is extremely encouraged that you make use of a real estate specialist. It won’t cost you anything because the home owner will pay the commission on the sale. In Brazil, real-estate agents are part of a specialized organization and should be able to produce an identity card that includes their CRECI license number. Additionally, it’s recommended that you also work with a real estate lawyer to authenticate the legal proprietor of the flat and that there are zero outstanding liens.

To no surprise, obtaining a penthouse apartment in Rio de Janeiro’s most wealthier divisions such as Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana will probably be extremely costly. During the last five years, their valuations have significantly climbed. Typically, apartments in these areas go for R$6,000 to R$10,000 (R$=Reais) per sq meter (M2). The higher of the rates belonging to apartments near the beaches. A 100 M2 unit which is around 1,100 sq ft can average R$800,000.

In case you have 100% of the cash, there are deals to be located. From auctions on foreclosed residences to apartments that are locked up because they are in the procedure of being willed (inventario), you can negotiate discounted prices of as much as 25 to 30%. But most of these situations are few and they are inclined to have more bureaucracy. Though if you can find them, you are able to find a great penthouse bargain in Copacabana or Ipanema.

If you need a loan, Brazil can be a somewhat simple place to meet the criteria. First you will require a CPF number. This is the equivalent to a social security number in the US. You can aquire this at your nearby Brazilian consulate or in the post office in Brazil. Next, you ought to have a standard down payment of 20%. The more you put down, the better for the reason that rate of interest in Brazil is 12%. The last aspect is a Brazilian bank-account along with proof of revenue. The lender will usually need to see six months of deposits equaling your reported earnings. With all these elements set up, you are prepared to buy your dream family vacation residence in Rio de Janeiro.

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Rio De Janeiro, Copacabana And Ipanema Hotels And Apartments Accommodations

June 1, 2011 by Leslie Ferrari  
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Rio de Janeiro, referred to as a marvelous city, has become the most breathtaking spots to vacation because of its natural magnificence. It is additionally renowned due to its captivating Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, Carnival parties, New Years Eve firework parties, intriguing heritage, rich varied cultural life in addition to a very strong economic climate including the rapid appreciation of real estate prices amongst its apartments.

There is a great deal of sightseeing to accomplish when spending your holidays in Rio. Corcovado Mountain (Christ the Redeemer) and Sugar Loaf (Po de Acar) are stunning locations to check out and the most photographed areas. Rio is additionally known for its year long warm exotic weather, samba music, ambitious football (soccer) fixtures and amazing wonderful women. As much as Carnival goes, it’s the most significant street party in the world where thousands of intercontinental and Brazilian travelers visit every year to observe the formal samba schools parade at the Sambodromo as well as to take part in the neighborhood block parties.

When visiting Rio de Janeiro for business or holiday, renting from their substantial supply of flats can be a great way to save money. Compared to rio hotels, not only can flats more easily accommodate bigger groups; they provide you with the capability to prepare your own daily meals and easily do your laundry each of which help attain increased cost savings. Besides hotels, short-term flat renting in addition provide you much more freedom with having visitors and also the chance for you to get an idea of what it is really like to reside in Rio de Janeiro as a native (Carioca), away from the concierge and hustle and bustle of a hotel.

Needless to say Rio has come to be one of the globe’s premier travel destinations. With the world cup and Olympics just around the corner, Rio’s reputation and real estate prices have dramatically increased which means obtaining a location to stay is tougher. However, should you reserve far enough before hand, the best rentals are available at the very best price ranges. Despite the fact that you’ll encounter apartments obtainable on short notice, you’ll have the most options for ideal location and features the further out you reserve your lodgings.

Your choice of condos will want to be located within Zona Sul (Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana and Leme). Options will vary from modest 1 bedroom flats to spacious 4 bedroom models and also luxury penthouses which may or may not include a view of the beach. That amenity would depend on your finances. Most rentals are located near restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping and cultural places. And as previously mentioned, condos tend to be a very good replacement for hotel rooms allowing you to feel more at home and adding to it a Carioca environment.

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Take a trip in style while staying in Luxury Colombia Apartments

May 31, 2011 by Bethany Rodriquez  
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With a heavy yearly rainfall the Pacific Coast of Colombia is one of the most humid places in the world. In the north, the location where the ocean gives shape to bays and coves, the Pacific rainforest exhibits a piece of real estate with an enormous biodiversity. Contrasted this with the south. You will find it a luxury that the south is covered by copious rivers, is generally flatter, with the exception of its cliffs.

Of course to go to these areas you will want to consider places to start your vacation. You will likely find some luxury apartments or real estate for rent in the cities of Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali.

Another focus to be regarded are the islands of Gorgona and Gorgonilla, which are national natural parks just off the coast of Colombia. Obviously, these locations are untouched and protected nature sanctuaries. Clearly, they can be some great choices to enjoy calm and peaceful holidays in whatever apartments you have managed to find.

If you go inland you will notice that the Pacific Region is just as diverse as its seaside counterpart. As you have already likely surmised, this region is mostly made up by rainforest. But it needs to be noted that this area also features some lovely beaches, where vacationers can take delight in the natural landscapes, many of them which are still completely unblemished. This can make for amazing getaway vacations.

And finally it ought to be mentioned that there is a chance to see humpback whales in their natural habitat. These whales arrive each year to mate, and it should also be mentioned that this is also a home for marine turtles. Tourists from all around the globe flock to these locations to watch these species in all of their splendour.

So if you are searching for a gorgeous and adventurous trip, you must consider visiting the Pacific Coast of Colombia. The best places to begin your search can be Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali. You will definitely find some luxury apartments to suit your needs and desires. Perhaps you will be tempted to make something more permanent and find a sale for a long term option.

Colombia Exclusive is a licensed real estate firm offering luxury apartments for sale in colombia. Be sure to visit their site today and see how you can find the best real estate cali colombia.

Learning to surf in a stones toss of your Rio de Janeiro apartments

April 19, 2011 by Antonio Souza  
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The surfing schools of Rio de Janeiro can be a neat thing to do on your vacation! The outdoor adventure sports are already growing in Ipanema and Copacabana. If you have made the decision to travel to Brazil, you are undoubtedly in for a wild ride. Whether you are staying in apartments, flats, hotels or other accommodations, many tourists and locals likewise are checking out the local surfing classes.

There are a collection of exciting outdoor sports invite you to take advantage of everything Rio de Janeiro has to offer. Some of the possibilities to you can include rock climbing, rafting, ocean kayaking, cycling, scuba diving, rappelling and of course surfing. Depending on what you pick, the price ranges can vary, but you can be feel comfortable knowing that it will be worth it. Though it is without a doubt that surfing is one of the most desirable things to do as it has a number of good spots in Ipanema, Copacabana and Barra da Tijuca.

Enthusiastic surfers already know about quite a few surfing schools in Rio de Janiero. Here any newbie or surfer willing to improve their surfing skills can take quite a few surfing lessons at the best surf schools in Brazil. If you want to book several surfing lessons, surfing schools are easily accessible. Information is likely to be available in the many hotels that you may stay at. However, should you be looking for long term rentals and you have made accommodations for some of the beautiful flats and apartments available in Rio, then you will have more time to invest into the sport.

In Barra, you can also capitalize on some kite surfing lessons at the surfing schools that can be found on this exquisite bit of real estate. Like surfing, it is one more great activity that can be acquired in Rio and of course any equipment that you’d need will be available to find rentals as well. All of this can be obtained very close to several hotels that happen to be situated along the beach.

So of course, if you want to step off the beaten path get out of your apartments and experience something a bit more extraordinary you should definitely explore these extra options to be found in Rio de Janeiro. But keep in mind, these things are mainly for the adventurous. Certainly this will be a holiday that you won’t soon forget so, enjoy your time in the sun!

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