Let Cathay Pacific Be Your Ticket to Asia and Beyond

January 28, 2012 by Lisa Stienway  
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When it comes to flying the Asian skies, Cathay Pacific is one airline that gets it right. Headquartered in Hong Kong, this airline boasts a fleet that travels to 36 countries, touching down in over 100 destinations. Apart from its passenger flights, Cathay Pacific also offers cargo services. It is among the world’s top five largest airline companies with its cargo business, reportedly the world’s largest.

What Makes Cathay Pacific Different

When it comes to gateway travel to help make your flights easier and cheaper, Cathay Pacific leads the way. With its codeshare relationships with other top airlines, the airliner bridges the gap between traveling from various Asian cities and those in North America and Europe. Unlike lots of other airline companies, Cathay Pacific even has codeshare arrangements with rail companies in some countries to help make traveling easier and more convenient for their passengers.

With its large and efficient cargo service, this airline is a traveler’s best friend when they need to move cargo, whether for business or personal use. The company currently serves more than 40 destinations worldwide and in 2008 Air Transport World named the cargo division fifth among the World’s Top 25 Airlines. This makes it clear that your cargo is in good hands when you ship with Cathay pacific.

The company has two rewards programs for its customers, the aptly named The Marco Polo Club and the Asia Miles reward. These programs reward customers with points that can be redeemed for lots of benefits including free travel. Points can be earned from a vacation at a partner location or from spending at car rental agencies and telecommunications companies. The Marco Polo Club membership program requires an annual fee and has lots of perks, while Asia Miles is a traditional frequent flyer style reward system.

Finding Cheap Flights on Cathay Pacific

The first step is to determine where you will be boarding as this will impact both your airfare and boarding times, and ultimately how you search for deals. It is possible to find good deals on Cathay Pacific websites, but do not assume that there is nothing better out there. Until you have searched the web, you just never know what deals are waiting for you when it comes to flights to Asia.

When searching for deals on flights to this region, a discount online travel booking website is where the real deals and surprises can be found. With staff dedicated to finding the best prices to wherever you want to go, these sites are always on the lookout for special rates and discounts. Once they hear about these deals on airfares and vacation packages they post them for their subscribers. Some send these deals to your mailboxes before posting them on their websites.

When it comes to traveling thorough Asia, or transporting cargo, it definitely pays to go with Cathay Pacific. The benefits and rewards are worth it and they do try to live up to their advertising campaign tagline, Great Service. Great People. Great Fares. Why not fly with them and see for yourself how well they live up to that slogan?

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DVNF Announces Shipment Of Supplies And Support

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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) announced today the shipment of supplies and support valued at approximately $141,000 to help women veterans who are homeless in the greater Tampa, Florida area.

The Tampa Crossroads Athena House provides housing for women with 24-hour assistance, counseling, a place to sleep for up to two years and job placement services.

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation shipment includes essential daily supplies such as sweaters, hats, blankets, clothing, water bottles and personal hygiene products. Officials at The Athena House will distribute the truckload of supplies to women veterans who are in need of help at the facility.

“The Athena House is a prime example of invaluable places in the community where many of our women who serve find assistance and a safe and supportive place to sleep,” said Precilla Wilkewitz, President of the DVNF.

“Up to 8,000 women veterans find themselves homeless in America, and there are close to 300 female veterans who are homeless in the Tampa Bay area where The Athena House is making such an important difference.”

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation was founded by women veterans and is dedicated to serving both men and women who serve the country and often find themselves in need of help that is too often lacking in their communities.

Any honorably discharged female veteran is eligible to stay at The Athena House. For more, call 813-248-VETS or go to www.dvnf.org for more information.

On October 4th, 2011, Disabled Veterans National Foundation announced the delivery of winter clothes, water, blankets and personal hygiene products valued at approximately $142,000 to Harbor Homes in Nashua, NH. Harbor Homes serves more than 1,000 clients annually- including residential services for close to 500 people.

Many of those who seek assistance are veterans. Harbor Homes provides residential and supportive services for homeless veterans and their families.

“Our outreach and support this fall has spanned across the nation and we are pleased to be reaching veterans service groups up into the New England states,” said Precilla Wilkewitz, President of the DVNF. “With the colder weather approaching, getting items like blankets and winter clothes to veterans in need is a real priority for the DVNF.”

Learn more about DVNF here.

Luxury Furnished Apartments Are Convenient

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Centrally located luxury furnished apartments are available in most big cities the world over. They are popular because of their amenities and convenience, and are cheaper than staying in a five star hotel. Their tenants are mostly people with money, people with expense accounts, or leading businessmen. A luxurious home away from home apartment is a much more attractive proposition, and a less expensive one, than staying in a luxury hotel.

When you stay in hotel you are just another face. Even though you might be there for ten or fifteen days, you never have the feeling that you are at home. When you have your furnished apartment it’s different. You become familiar with other tenants in the building, you get to know the staff, you are treated as a member of the family. Then your apartment starts to feel like home.

People who rent these apartments are people who are accustomed to luxury, they know what the word means. It means a place which is distinguished by a certain elegance and style, and this is what prospective tenants are looking for. They wish to maintain the lifestyle they have had, perhaps, for a long time, or all their lives. Therefore, what they rent must be discreet, refined, and have a degree of sophistication.

For an apartment to be luxurious, it must have a top-class interior design with deluxe furnishings and fixtures, marble bathrooms and floors, fine linen and towelling, and many other touches to distinguish it from the ordinary. It must also have all electrical appliances installed, a full kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave, international direct dialling phone and internet access. And there must be a twenty-four hour maid service.

Many people stay in these furnished apartments for years. As they are people of means, they are not concerned about the cost. They can see that by living in such an apartment they are free from worry about repairs, maintenance, cleaning, or laundry, while at the same time benefiting from the convenient location and the many amenities offered. Of course, it is possible to rent for a short period, perhaps three months, but most apartment owners would prefer long-stay tenants.

There are many types of apartments. Some are quite small, with only two bedrooms, while other are huge, or might be a penthouse. The apartment buildings are usually high-rise, often with separate elevators for each one, or two, apartment units. Because they are in mid-town their location makes them convenient for every activity, business, shopping, eating out, entertainment, or whatever. Many of these would probably be within walking distance.

There is no point in renting a nice apartment if it your intention to stay in the city only a few days. However, if you have a long stay in mind, say fifteen days or more, and up to two or three years, then renting a beautiful furnished apartment is your best option. Getting to other city areas is easy as these apartments are generally near mass transit stations. Then in the evening you can do your own home cooking, then watch something on your large wide-screen television.

Should you have appointments the following day, there is no rush. You are already more or less in the middle of the city and which ever direction you take, the journey to your destination should not take long. Eating out is a pleasure too, because within a stone’s throw there are many of the city’s leading restaurants. People who live in them already know that luxury Mississauga furnished apartments are convenient.

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How To Get A Car Rental And Its Many Uses

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There are a number of needs for a car rental and they include road trips, vacations, and everyday commuting. Individuals will find that renting a vehicle for road trips is better than using their own because of excessive mileage and wear. Having a vehicle available for your disposal while you are vacationing is invaluable because being a tourist is not fun when you have to rely on a public transportation system that you don’t understand. Renting is also perfect if your personal vehicle is in the shop, or if you do not own one.

Every company has different terms and conditions and policies and it is important for you to know the policies of the company you are dealing with. It is best to know your planned use of the vehicle before you get it so that you can clear it with the renting party. Some companies may not allow pick-up in one city and drop-off in another, and some do not allow interstate travel. To avoid future problems, it’s best to ask these pressing questions and clear your plans with the renter.

Companies price their vehicles according to size. Here is an example of the different levels: economy, mid-size, full-size, SUV, premium, sport. The trims are listed from cheapest to most expensive. Most companies do not make any promises about exactly what vehicle you’ll get, but you do have a choice of trim or size.

It is always good to reserve a vehicle as far in the future as you can. This is the best way to take advantage of discounts and rebates. Several online vacation businesses and airlines offer nice savings on vehicles when you reserve them at the same time as your vacation package. This is a great way to save money and make sure you get the vehicle you want.

Securing a long-term rental is great for those that are waiting for their cars to be repaired, or for those that rather not buy or lease. Companies offer discounted monthly and weekly rates. A deposit equal to the total amount of the rental is usually required.

You must be 21 years or older to rent from most companies. There is a chance you will find one that will accept younger drivers, but often for a much higher rate than usual. Another requirement is insurance and the amount you need depends on the policies of the company. Usually, basic liability and collision coverage will suffice. You will have the option of using an insurance policy of your own, or purchasing one from them, which will most likely be more expensive.

It is important to not let anyone drive the vehicle other than those listed on the rental contract. So, if you are planning a long trip, make sure that everyone that is driving be listed on the contract to avoid future problems. Future problems can be anything from a traffic ticket to an accident. If someone other than an authorized driver is driving when any of these occurrences happen, then the company may seek damages.

A car rental can come in handy when you need it the most such as when your personal vehicle is being repaired. In such cases, taking advantage of weekly and monthly specials will save you some money. You must be at least 21 years to rent in most cases, and it’s important to know the terms of your agreement.

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The Destruction of Ypres During The Great War

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For the duration of The Great War, the historic Belgium market town of Ypres was in a strategically critical position near to the British front lines and it is one of the most infamous parts of the Western Front from the awful fighting that happened here.

The city itself ended up being in the middle of the Ypres Salient, a piece of the front line protruding towards German lines. Historically, Ypres can certainly be traced back to the 12th century. In the face of decades of fighting and occupation, the town grew but with the outbreak of The First World War, it was under German occupation.

The 1st Battle of Ypres tin October and November 1914 saw Britain and her Allies capture the town from the German Army and irrespective of vicious fighting around Ypres until finally the war concluded in 1918, the Germans did not recapture Ypres.

Unfortunately, throughout the 4 years of The Great War, Ypres took a fearful toll as 4 major battles took place close to here. In the Second Battle of Ypres in April and May 1915, the Germans recaptured the high ground towards the east of Ypres. The zone contained the village of Passchendaele.

In 1917, certainly one of the fiercest battles of the war occurred. The Third Battle of Ypres or Passchendaele saw Britain and her Allies retake the high ground unfortunately for a terrible cost. Between July and November 1917, there was in excess of 500 thousand dead and injured on both sides and Ypres was nearly destroyed by German heavy guns.

The important Cloth Hall and most other buildings were destroyed and years of heritage were gone. In 1933, rebuilding began on the Cloth Hall and it was at long last completed in 1967 having been carefully reconstructed to bring back its heritage. Presently, the Cloth Hall in Ypres houses the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Throughout The First World War, the Menin Gate was simply an exit cut through the eastern ramparts of Ypres. A large number of soldiers would’ve marched via this exit along the way to the front lines. In 1927, the Menin Gate Memorial was unveiled. It commemorates the names of over 54,000 soldiers who sadly are still missing on the battlefields across the Ypres Salient and each night, the Last Post ceremony will take place here at 8pm by the grateful citizens of Ypres.

In the Great War, the Ypres Salient saw some of the worst fighting between 1914 & 1918.

How To Purchase Concert Tickets Online

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Many shoppers elect to acquire concert tickets online. Quite a few of the major events sell out rapidly, and the most convenient way to make sure you get to see the concert is usually to purchase seats over the internet. There are a number of different websites that make this possible.

Also, this is an excellent way to find deep discounts on tickets. There are deals online that you will not find anywhere else. And the savings are usually significant. It is not impossible to save more than fifty percent of the face value of the ticket, when you shop online.

The key to locating the most effective offers is understanding where you can shop. It’s a wise decision to stay with the bigger, more proven suppliers, when it comes to making a purchase. These are websites that you can trust. They have full listings to all different kinds of venues.

When you go on to one of these websites, you will have access to all of the seats that are available and how much they cost. There is a seating plan available, so you know exactly where you will be seated. As soon as the purchase is made, the seats are yours.

If you know about these sales in advance, this is a good way to get seats and save money. There are a number of online clubs associated with your favorite artists or bands. These club websites will usually indicate when tickets go on sale and oftentimes they offer special discounts.

Another option is looking for available tickets on the popular auction web sites. This can be a great way to get your hands on last minute seats at a really good price. And when you choose to not bid on the actual seats, there is usually an option to purchase right away, without putting in a bid. The major sites are supervised to protect you against scams. And you can have your shipping expedited to arrive in time for the event.

It’s also possible to locate opportunities on the classified ad websites. This would actually be a more risky way to go about getting seats and should be utilized as a last measure. These sites aren’t monitored or even regulated, therefore there are a lot of ripoffs that posted on these boards. If you are planning to get your own seats in this manner, it’s vital to do the deal in person.

There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to getting concert tickets online. It is always a better option to purchase from distributors that are proven and have an excellent track record on the web. The more investigation you do, will certainly uncover lots of viable alternatives. You should look around and compare a few deals before buying. A lot of people have huge success finding the events they want for discounts prices by using the internet.

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There Are Beautiful And Scenic St Barts Villas To Rent

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The dry tropical climate and rough hilly terrain of this tropical island caused it to be unsuited for agricultural purposes. Other islands of the French West Indies experienced early growth and plantation development, while this one remained poor and unspoiled. Since about 1970 its turn has come to shine. It has become a popular destination for wealthy tourists and homeowners who appreciate the beauty, quiet, and privacy the St Barts villas offer.

In 1746 Christopher Columbus named it after his brother Barthelemay. It is of the Leeward Islands in the Northeast Caribbean, approximately 160 mi. East of Puerto Rico. Neighboring islands include St. Kitts, St. Martin and Antigua.

This volcanic island contains 8 sq. Mi. (21 sq km) of territory and is surrounded by pristine beaches and shallow coral reefs. The highest point is 938 ft. (286 m.). Temperatures stay at an even 72 to 86 degrees (22 to 30 C). December through May is the dry season with more humidity experienced from June through November.

This place was colonized twice by native peoples, but there was no game and little could be grown. The French colonized it in 1648. It first knew prosperity after it came into the possession of Sweden in 1784, and was made a duty free port. They stimulated much of the early development, and named the capitol Gustavia. In 1853 an earthquake devastated the island. A fire later caused additional damage. In 1878 it was sold back to France.

While the official language is French, English is also spoken most everywhere, especially the hotels and restaurants. The 8,800 inhabitants are mostly European descendants of original settlers and newer settlers from North America.

About 200,000 tourists visit each year, with about 70,000 of those staying in one of the 25 small hotels or 400 rental villas, and the remaining 130,000 being passengers on luxury boats. The natural harbor at Gustavia, and the surrounding waters are a yacht haven. Scuba diving, wind surfing, and surfing are popular activities. Duty free, upscale retail makes shopping a fun and money saving experience.

Some seventy restaurants locate here prepare and serve Creole, West Indian, Italian, and Asian fare. Music of several Caribbean varieties is enjoyed. Poolside massages can be arranged at the rental villas, as well as yoga or private tours. Twenty-two public beaches await with warm coastal waters in a constant 68 to 74 degrees (20-23 C) temperature.

The heaviest tourism season is during the winter holiday season. Deep discounts of up to 50% can be obtained between April 16th and December 14th. A tourism tax of 5% is charged, so make sure it is included in the price and not added on later. There are only two gas stations, so expect your visit to be pollution and traffic free. The port here is not deep enough for large cruise ships so you will not see large crowds of tourists. Crime is pretty much nonexistent.

More than 400 St Barts villas of all styles and sizes can be rented for that quiet family tropical vacation or romantic getaway. These lodgings are located both directly on the beach and in the hills above where they provide spectacular vistas. If you enjoy your experience as much as most people you will want to return again and again, perhaps even purchase a home here.

For exciting holiday choices, a traveler has the option to live at the beautiful Barbados villas. The best vacation hot spots can be enjoyed when you are living luxuriously at the St Martin villas.

You Might Enjoy Cruise With Family

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If you are looking for vacation ideas you might enjoy cruise with family and leave the land behind for the thrill of the open seas. Driving can be a hassle for both you and the family as many hours of your vacation are spent in a crowded car. It would be great if you could just go to sleep and wake up at a new destination. Cruising allows you to do just that.

Driving to unique vacations spots has become quite an expense when you factor in the cost of gas, hotels and food expenses. Not to mention the amount of time you lose driving and being cramped in a car. For the same costs you may be able to join hundreds of other people who are going to the same place and take the same vehicle to get there. Cruising by sea allows you to visit new places and arrive there refreshed and ready to fully appreciate the sights and points of interest you will find.

You may find that in most ships the rooms are not very large, however they are only needed for sleeping and getting dressed. You may want choose an outside cabin that has a window if you do not like the thought of small enclosed quarters.

The ship will have plenty of open space and lots of fun things to do while cruising. Each port of cal can be an adventure and have many places to visit. You will normally travel at night so each morning you wake up refreshed in a new locale where there will be many places to see and things to do. Breakfast is ready so you just have to get up, get dressed and eat then you have the whole day to do what you please.

Not having to worry about where to eat is another benefit of cruising. Few people return from a ship adventure who do not go on and on about their culinary experience. You can choose fine dining and gourmet dishes in a formal dining room setting or if you prefer you can choose from a variety of all you can eat buffets. No one should come home hungry and many will come home having eaten more than they probably should have.

During the day you may venture ashore to the new locale you have arrived at and explore the city or nearby attractions. If you prefer you have the option to stay aboard and participate in the many activities that are available. Many cruises are geared towards families that have children and provide fun on board diversions. There is normally no shortage of things to do if you prefer staying on the ship.

At night the fun continues as you enjoy concerts, comedians, and many other types of entertainment. There are activities for families and adults alike. If you prefer a little more solitude you may prefer to sit outside and watch the sunset or just take pleasure in the sound of the waves and the ocean. You can experience a unique trip and give your family a treasured memory when you vacation at sea.

So consider how you can enjoy cruise with family for your next vacation. Let someone else do the driving while you have joy in the journey and arrive in style. Getting there is truly half of the fun when you are on Toronto cruises.

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Cottage Rentals In Ontario: Sun Living At The Tip

June 5, 2011 by A Noton  
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The vacation market in southern Ontario is saturated with lakeside recreational renters who flock to the major cottage country regions in Muskoka, Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton municipalities. The vacation communities cater most frequently to Torontonian sun seekers, due to its close proximity. 2 million people inhabit the cottage rentals in Ontario year after year to escape the daily grind.

An infinite amount of vacation communities dot the coasts along numerous lakes and waterways throughout the country. In the southernmost tip of mainland Canada lays a particular lakeside gem in Leamington ON, called Point Pelee. The picturesque community in Essex County has a variety of bed and breakfasts and lake houses only four hours away from bustling Toronto.

A narrowing pointy land mass at the most southern tip of Leamington, ON, and mainland Canada. It forms into a peninsula poking the northern body of Lake Erie, known colloquially as the Tip. Pristine private beaches round out the edges of this idyllic summer destination. The areas most prominent feature is Point Pelee National Park, north of the peninsula.

Because of annual migratory pattern of bird flight through Leamington, ON, visitors congregate the town to witness the event. It attracts hundreds of bird watchers to the Point Pelee National Park, a land marked destination spot because of its unique connection to the flight of at least 360 species of bird, including the warbler and highly prized Monarch butterfly. To access all the exhibits associated with the event, free shuttle buses accommodate visitors between the national park and the Tip.

The area is a haven for those that visit the nearby national park and enjoy the outdoors. Local and international visitors alike, can find refuge among the stretch of cattails lining the lakes, used for canoeing and kayaking from mid summer to Labor Day. Hikers and cyclists enjoy the numerous self guided trails and a floating boardwalk where painted turtles swim among the marshy waters. Swimmers get refreshment from two main beaches on either side of the peninsula at the southern tip of Leamington, ON.

A ferry service that sails from April through mid December make stops at 4 main ports including the Kingsville, Pelee Island, port of Leamington as well as Sandusky, Ohio. Cars are welcomed onto the boat with prearranged reservations.

Leamington, ON has a peculiar history as an agricultural center, where a bounty of vegetation abound, including the wild growth of tomato plants. An old H. W. Heinz factory still stands there as a testament to its historical significance as the tomato capital of Canada. To commemorate the historical relevance, and usher in the fall harvest, an annual Tomato Festival takes place with much fanfare every August. It is a popular event that holds a golf tournament, car show, beauty pageant, and parade. Craft, food and wine vendors abound at the spirited festival.

Travelers can return to the cottage at days end, watching the extraordinary beauty of the setting fiery sun settling over Lake Erie, from the beach on the peninsula of Leamington. After many varied activities for Leamington and Point Pelee vacationers would hopefully come to the conclusion that the effort to obtain Ontario cottages for rent would be well worth the effort and the beauty of the natural surroundings.

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Use A 60 Watt Solar Panel

June 4, 2011 by Roger Gallo  
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The first thing that comes into people’s minds when thinking about switching their home to solar power is the considerable bill. They may imagine having large solar panels sitting on their roof and a complicated electrical unit. With a high price tag of roughly $8000 for a complete system, most people won’t even think about getting a system.

Over time, employing solar power will save you a considerable amount of money on your electrical bills since the earth-friendly energy is created by the sun. When you pay off the the initial investment for your panels, you will start to save a significant amount of money because you will have no more electric bills and are basically getting your energy for free. If the initial investment needed to install solar panels is prohibitive for you, there may be an alternative solution.Are you thinking of installing a DIY solar water heater in your home? But have do not have much knowledge about it. Learn how to build solar panels at your house.

As an alternative, you can get a 60 watt single solar panel. It isn’t a considerable amount of energy but it will supply electricity for a small part of your dwelling, which will save you some money. For instance, you could light up a number energy efficient light bulbs around your home or outside, giving you more security for your home. You might want to power a mini fridge in your family room for extra cold drinks and microwave snacks. Most people wouldn’t usually be able to afford this as it’s believed to be a luxury. But since you would in essence be utilizing free energy, it wouldn’t cost that much.

But, you don’t have to just waste this new energy you’re getting! You could save on electric bill and power something like your laptop or home computer with a 60 watt solar panel system. You could likewise select another appliance that doesn’t use much energy and power in with your solar panel system so you can save some money. Even though you can’t connect many different devices to the solar panel because of a limited capacity, you can still save money on energy by connecting a few things. And because 60 watts is a small amount of electricity, you’re certainly not required to simply utilize one panel. You might choose to get additional panels to help produce more power for several appliances in your house.

If you’re good with tools, consider building a small solar panel system on your own as they can cost anywhere from 400 to 900 dollars if you get a pre-built one. Having small solar panels can help you to save money and be kind to the environment without requiring a sizable upfront investment.

If you are seeking to go green and put together your own solar panel you might desire to have a peep at DIY solar panels.