Attacks In The Sport Of Thai-Boxing

January 15, 2012 by Deonna Goody  
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I’m a huge fan of National Geographic’s Fight Quest. And on one of their episodes, they featured the 8 deadly weapons of Muay Thai. I can still remember one of the hosts, who’s also a boxer, saying that a battle between a boxer and a Muay Thai specialist will always end up in favor of the latter. The boxer would always end up laying on the ground unconscious.

Also known around the globe as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai is a very old martial and self defense art that were utilized by warriors of Thailand. Their knees, their fists, feet, and elbows became known as the 8 deadly weapons of Muay Thai.

Nowadays, the popularity of this martial art spread all throughout the globe. Muay Thai is now used by United state’s Navy Seals, Thai Military, and even the CIA! Many other organizations and law enforcement groups have recognized the devastating and bone crushing blows that this self defense art that came all the way from Thailand offers. No Belts

Unlike other martial arts like Karate, Judo, etc. one doesn’t earn belts for increasing their skills and capabilities or for mastering more advanced techniques. Their technique and power is not tested by Kata’s or solo performances in front of the masters. They test it inside the ring.

Muay Thai practitioners are interested only in one belt – the championship belt of the martial arts competition that they joined.

Looking at the martial art more closely, it’s easy to see that these guys don’t care much about grappling or throwing their opponents out of the ring. Instead, they’re more interested in breaking your nose, ribs, and other bones with their crushing kicks, punches, and elbow strikes.

How come Muay Thai doesn’t use grappling?

The reason is simple – this martial art was developed with multiple attackers in mind. Think about it – how effective could you grappling skills be if there are 5, 8, or 10 attackers closing in on you? It’s better to take them down one by one and speedily with your fists, elbows, and legs. Weapons

Like most martial arts, Muay Thai also uses different weapons like swords, spears, sticks, and many others. If you come to battle with these weapons, you definitely don’t want to waste them by taking the battle to the grappling range or down to the ground.

If you want to use these weapons effectively, your movements should be lighting fast, hard, and very accurate…hitting the precise point in the opponent’s body.

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Phuket Thai Boxing

January 14, 2012 by Clyde Stork  
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The action packed sport of Thai boxing is Thailand’s local sport that is fast gaining popularity in the international sporting arena. This exciting form of martial arts is one of the nation’s most loved events that are attended by crowds of locals and tourists looking for an exciting time of fun and entertainment. Locally known as Muay Thai, Thai boxing can be best experienced in Phuket at the Patong Boxing Stadium which is located along Sai Namyen Road. The stadium comes alive with crowds of chattering folks, loud cries of support and vibrant music as the boxing match unfolds with much excitement and vigour.

It is said that the art of Thai boxing goes back to the 15th century originating from the nation’s war period with the Burmese. There are several rituals performed prior to the beginning of a match. The fighters who are involved in a match engage in a traditional pre-fight type of dance that is known as the ‘Ram Muay.’ During the dance, the fighter wears a special headband earned after much training from the master. The dance involves the fighter bowing 3 times before their master in a show of appreciation and respect. Once the opening ceremony is over, the action begins in the ring.

Every Thai boxing match is made up of 5 rounds that each last 3 minutes. All body parts except for the head are considered to be fair targets during the fight. The sounds of drums and cymbals, along with other instruments, add a frenzied musical accompaniment to the happenings in the ring. The music drops or heightens depending on what is taking place in the fight.

Various areas in Phuket display a pre-meditated Thai boxing show for tourists. If you are looking to experience the real art of the sport, be sure to visit the Patong Boxing Stadium in Phuket.

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Preparing for a hike into the wilderness

November 27, 2011 by Alexander Preston  
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Outdoor enthusiasts find the highest thrill in wilderness hiking and when executed properly it can lead to countless splendid and remarkable times in the stunning outdoors. But how exactly should we adequately get ready for wilderness hiking?

Wilderness hiking merges hiking and camping duties, plus an overnight stay in the outdoor wilderness. There are usually a couple of fundamental requirements that need to be taken into account in the planning stage of one’s wilderness hiking trip, and these could mean the distinction between having a fantastic occasion surviving in the great outdoors or needing to cut your outing short at the first sign of a complication. Listed here are a few of the main facets you must examine as you plan for your excursion:

It is in no way uncommon for wilderness hikers to run across some bad weather. Experienced walkers will subsequently prepare themselves to stay alive in those kinds of conditions. This preparation will typically consist of setting out with numerous layers of garments and then removing them or putting more on as called for. To expand on this further, here is a list of clothes items one must include in your wilderness hiking inventory:

Undergarments: search out specifically designed underclothing for wilderness hiking. Polyester and polypropylene is the superior textile used for this kind of underwear, because it lets wetness escape away from one’s body keeping your skin dry. You are able to have boxer shorts, briefs, bras and so on all made using materials such as these. Underwear made from pure cotton is typically well avoided due to it holding water leaving you worn out from the extra weight and because it is in constant contact with your skin can make you cold.

Mid-layer: Fleece is a popular material for hikers in both cold of hot atmospherics conditions. It can keep luring sweat away from your skin and it also retains warmth.

Top Layer: The temperature will normally drive your needs for a top layer. Outerwear can be produced to be invulnerable to the wind and rain. Many wilderness hikers will possess a coat in their kit. Things like the weather, your expected amount of exertion and just personal inclination will lead the number of layers you’ll require.

A Hat: A great hat is going to have the dual perk of keeping you warm when its cold and protect you against the sun’s rays when it is hot.

Hiking Socks: skilled hikers normally double up on socks, a thinner polyester sock lining as well as a thick outer sock. Make sure you carry lots of pairs, that you can easily swap into after an over night stay.

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Getting Started With A Boat Share

November 15, 2011 by Janice Fisher  
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Getting a boat share is somewhere in between buying one outright or using a one time charter. The charter is acceptable for those who might only need the vessel once, like for a vacation. On the other hand, buying it might be considered overkill for someone who has no plans to love on the boat, or use it every single day.

Sharing ownership, on the other hand, offers a whole lot of flexibility in terms of use and time spent on the water, without being saddled with the costs and responsibility of ownership. There’s no need to worry about buying the vessel, nor about insurance, marina fees, etc. Most importantly, the hassles and cost of the vessel’s maintenance are out of the picture.

Way it works is that there are boat share or fractional yacht ownership companies that manage the whole thing. People can buy actual shares that provide fractional ownership in the vessel. It could also be a timeshare arrangement where members simply pay annual membership fees and usage charges which are much lower than the cost of a charter.

There are many variables involved here, so do so some comparison shopping to see which company is offering the best deal. For instance, how much time per year does a member/owner get on the vessel, and how does the booking arrangement work? Some companies have limits on how soon the next trip can be taken after one trip out on the water.

Others may require some form of advance notice to prevent a clash of dates between co-owners of a vessel. This is especially true during peak periods, such as holidays and summer vacations. Then there’s the question of the maintenance and who pays for it.

Then there are also questions about the crew (if any) and other such factors that depend on the size and type of the vessel. The summary of it is that a boatload of money can be saved by opting for a boat share. It allows people to roam the seas at will without having to pay through the nose, but it still has to be looked into carefully to make sure the arrangement is legit.

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Better Living With Flexibility And Health

July 2, 2011 by Byron Jonas  
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Flexibility and health go hand in hand. Sometimes, people fail to see that. But, it is completely true. For one thing, we all know how humans become when they age. Things don’t work as well, and many changes occur within the body.

People always look at the importance of eating right to maintain an overall healthy life. But, people don’t see the importance of stretching and being flexible. As we age, lack of exercise and lack of stretching, we tend to shrink.

That’s because if we avoid stretching, everything in the body tightens up. So, muscle injuries can occur much easier. In addition to that, even the easiest tasks of dressing yourself or even brushing your hair can become extremely difficult. Thankfully, you can become much more flexible and stay healthy by doing a few stretching exercises for a few minutes each day.

We cannot stress the importance of this enough. It must be done daily. The medical community has stressed the importance of exercise on a daily basis, but has failed to indicate just how crucial stretching is. By the way, you should always remember that it is important to stretch and do warm-up exercises before any exercise regime.

Regardless of that, maintaining your flexibility by stretching each day is absolutely crucial. In order to do so successfully, you’ll be able to find a multitude of such exercises pretty much anywhere you look, and they are good for any age.

Our posture usually suffers as we age. So, it must be a goal of yours to correct it if the damage has already begun. If you have managed to avoid it so far, do all that you can to stop it from ever happening to you. You will thank yourself later on.

Your stretching should be done slowly and it should be felt in the location that you are targeting. Not only will you be able to stand taller for longer, you will avoid kinks, soreness, and other problems from developing.

Here are some great tips as to how you should go about this. Start by spreading your legs apart as you sit on the floor. Your exercises should include pointing the toes as well as flexing the foot, as this will stretch all the muscles. Lay on the floor and breathe properly until you are completely relaxed. This will help you stretch out the muscles in your torso. Your arms will benefit greatly by extending them above your head, tilting to the sides, and by reaching behind you.

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Evaluating the Reasons for Blood Movement Deficits

June 4, 2011 by Nancy Paul  
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Uncertainties about blood flow are more apt to pertain to older people, though young folks with certain medical conditions may also be at risk. Regular human aging seems to include a smaller degree of blood circulation, but there may be several other reasons as well. But reduced movement needn’t be cause for much anxiety. Ways and means are obtainable to build up the movement when necessary. Contemporary medicine and other areas have discovered many lifestyle behaviors that can impact circulation.

We all distinguish and understand well the importance of consuming enough water every day. We see that our bodies are by and large water, an incredible fact, but many of us don’t realize just what this means. For effective operation of our bodies, we must be sure to supply the appropriate things. There is debate on the old standard of eight ounces of water every day. One thing we have read very regularly, though, is that you should in no way let yourself to feel thirsty. Once you have that sensation, then you are sightly dehydrated. Another imperative bit of expert advice is to drink mainly water as opposed to caffeinated or sweetened beverages. Take in water throughout the day. Make sure that it is free from impurities. High cholesterol could cause erectile dysfunction that can be a awkward condition. Nevertheless there is nothing to worry about because this is treatable. Just have a glimpse into Viagra UK and solve altogether your troubles.

Numerous U.S. residents maintain active lifestyles, but there’s been a major national trend toward sedentary living. But it is more common for older adults to start settling into a sedentary life. This is in no way a good idea for general strength. But it’s mostly poor for the blood flow. When you move your body, you make your muscles work. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this improves the blood flow. When your muscles toil, your heart rate increases. That means blood is circulating more Even something as easy and simple as taking a hike will aid with blood flow.

Make sure you’re aware of how blood movement can be impeded by adverse lifestyle alternatives. One culprit, which has countless harmful effects on wellness, is a bad food plan. Your body requires high-quality sources of energy and food in order to function smoothly. You will likely not get all the nutritional value your body needs, like vitamins and minerals, if you devour nothing but sugars and fats as energy food. To improve your blood flow, be sure to bring in all those elements — get enough water, enough nutrients, and ample exercise.

An additional thing that you may find hard to believe, but which does have a detrimental effect on blood movement, is a high level of anxiety. What’s more, continual stress will cause the release of stress hormones that will work to injure your body. Elements of your cardiovascular system contract in response to tension. The stress hormones your body releases into the blood actually create this result. This procedure will moreover cause your blood pressure to rise and your blood to clot more easily.

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Where To Go For The Best Gay Retreats

May 8, 2011 by Howie Holben  
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Gay retreats offer the ideal chance for those who are feeling tired and drained to find peace and fulfillment. Most people need a holiday at some time in the year. With the pressures of modern life this has become even more important. If you are gay and have experienced discrimination your need might be greater than some. There are a variety of places that are ideally suited to gay retreats. All you have to do is choose where you want to go.

There are a variety of different types of gay retreats you can experience. There are many organized retreats that you can go on that feature seminars, yoga, meditation and many other activities. If you would prefer to be a little more independent then there are a number of travel companies that organize vacations away to various gay friendly locations.

If thought provoking and informative seminars, lectures and workshops are what you are looking for then you could try Hamilton Hall. This beautiful building is the only gay run and gay owned center for retreats in the whole of Europe and also offers party weekends. This means it is ideally suited for both party animals and those seeking peace and education.

If you are looking for a gay friendly area to visit for your holiday you could try Noosa cove. The cove is situated on the North Queensland coast and is a haven of peace and beauty. The area not only boasts stunning beaches that encourage surfing and swimming but is also a nature lovers paradise. The National park offers bushland, forests and lakes that are teeming with wildlife.

The surroundings that you like to spend your leisure time in will dictate what type of retreat you might like to go on. Many retreats are situated in high quality hotels and wellness centers and offer luxury features such as jacuzzis, spas and beauty and grooming facilities. Others are available that are more basic, but no less beautiful. Programmes run in organized retreats include anything from erotic exploration to philosophical discussion.

If you are looking for a place to go for your break that will fulfill a number of aspects then you can’t go far wrong with Costa Rica. This beautiful holiday destination offers restaurants, shops and disco’s for those who seek evening entertainment. For the nature enthusiasts Costa Rica is paradise. The rainforests, volcano’s and endless beaches promote a feeling of peace and beauty.If surfing is your pleasure then there are endless opportunities to indulge.

For something a bit different you might want to try the Dhanakosa retreat. The retreat is situated in the stunning Scottish highlands and is run by Buddhist monks. The retreat is based on the idea that irrelevant of race, gender or sexual orientation everyone can find spiritual fulfillment. Weekends specifically for gay men are run. These are based on the Buddhist path of ethics, meditation and wisdom.

If you are in the process of ‘coming out’ or indeed if things are just a little hectic at work you will probably be in need of a little bit of peace and maybe some spiritual centering. Maybe you need to get back in touch with who you are? However you like to do this, whether it’s through partying or finding a peaceful place to rest there will be gay retreats to suit you.

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Nutritional Plan For Bodybuilders – Selecting the Proper One

May 4, 2011 by Helen Brown  
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The results that you want to achieve, if you are a bodybuilder, will not manifest unless you have an effective nutrition plan. You will be placing your body under much higher than normal physical stress with weight training.

You will end up having to take additional supplements that are not generally required and also upgrade your daily nutritional requirements. If you learned the wrong information when you begin bodybuilding, they can place you at a disadvantage. Bodybuilders must be careful, especially in regard to nutrition, as they may receive incorrect information. In this article, we will discuss a couple of key elements that will help you develop a sound nutrition program.

While you do have to watch your intake of fat, it’s not a good idea to be too extreme about this. There is sound reasoning behind this approach as you will learn. You cannot completely avoid fats, nor would you want to try, as many healthy foods contain them. As long as the proteins and carbs that you generally eat are not high in fat, you will be getting what you need. As long as you are doing that, you will be assured of giving your body the fat it needs but no more. As many studies have shown, certain fats are healthy, which is why many people take fish oil supplements. Even though saturated fats (which are in animal protein) are often categorized as “bad” fat, your body uses these for some important tasks such as producing certain hormones, so you don’t want to avoid them completely.

It is up to you when you decide to build and grow additional muscle mass. You must do much more than simply exercise and tear your muscles down. In order to have spectacular muscles, you need calories to build them up. The only way that this is achievable is through your diet and the food you consume. The basic goal to go by is adding 1 to 2 additional pounds each week. Gaining weight on a regular basis may be inhibited at high levels of performance. You must add more protein and lean carbohydrates to the food that you eat in order for this to occur.

One principle that applies to everybody becomes even more important for the bodybuilder. Variety of diet is of ultimate importance. You will find that your overall sense of well being will increase. This is due to the fact that you will be consuming a wide variety of foods which contains many nutrients. By doing this, you will not experience diet burnout or boredom. After you achieve this state, you will more than likely start eating foods that may not be healthy for you.

Also, by doing so your fat will decrease on its own to the best levels for you. Though there are more tips in regard to this subject, we wanted to provide a short introduction. Saturated fat must also be part of your daily fat intake in order to improve your overall health.

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Facts About Bodybuilding

April 26, 2011 by Victoria House  
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For many years, there was a longstanding belief in bodybuilding that it was important to lose as much fat as possible. Much to the contrary, modern science is now telling us that fat is a necessary part of our diet. Our daily diet should include a certain amount dietary fats. Even the most experienced body builder can stand to benefit by examining the latest wisdom that science has to offer. Your overall fitness goals will largely determine how you make use of what this research has to offer.

The number of motives for there being certain kinds of dietary fats being so vital for really good health is likely in the hundreds. Think of molecules as built from small components, and fat is often an important building block. For illustrative purposes, the uniqueness of hormones shapes their tasks and operations. Something that is really critical for bodybuilders are fats, which are a really important part of their hormones. Not as many people are knowledgeable about certain hormones that can be really helpful with muscle maturity, as they are knowledgeable about the vitality of protein for muscles. It is the hormones that are made up of fat based molecules which are in charge of the amino acids which are important in the development of your muscles.

When you take away too much fat from your diet, you can actually delay rate of weight gain and reduce the enlargement of your muscles. That fact has been discovered by research in which they simply restricted fat intake too much. What was found out was that too much lessening of fats produced a descent in the levels of testosterone which involved both total and free testosterone. The experiment was fairly simple and the results were conclusive. When the test subjects could eat foods again that had fat in them, the testosterone returned its usual levels.

Increasing testosterone levels in your body can usually be achieved by taking some bodybuilding supplements. You can actually avoid the need for such a supplement by simply eating a certain amount of foods containing saturated fats. Most doctors would not recommend increasing your saturated fat levels beyond the daily recommended level. It is a good idea to eat enough saturated fats to not only produce testosterone, but to also maintain healthy cholesterol levels. So do not fall into the trap of thinking you have to spend a great deal on various extra supplements such as testosterone enhancing products.

In spite of what your aspirations are, bodybuilding can be a satisfying sport. Your work will be totally lined up for you if you would like to contend in an upper level. If you pay attention to the fats in your diet, you can not only make your results more striking, but it will also be more effortless for you to get to. It’s imperative to keep an eye on how much fat you take in every day, as the amount you consume is a heavy matter. Furthermore, this is a sphere in which you can modify your nutritional needs by being very particular about the fats you consume.

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Foods to Avoid When You Are Having An Active Bladder

April 16, 2011 by Roger Demetri  
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Is your bladder overly active? Do you find yourself often getting up for visits to the restroom? Have you experimenting to do other things to prevent these excursions to the bathroom? Most people think that any sort of bladder activity occurs because of just how much liquid we take in. This is exactly what makes a lot more people inadvertently dehydrate themselves when they’re trying to calm down their bladder activities.

Would you believe that sometimes it is what you might be eating that can be causing you to frequently visit the restroom during the day? The real truth of the matter is that those “pee breaks” are usually just a way to rid your body of waste. The waste builds up equally through liquid and solid intakes. Your waste is created up equally of liquid and solid elements, the forms they take when you ingest your food isn’t important.

Vitamin C is quite necessary for fighting off illness but it can also be a major factor in irritating your bladder. This is largely due to the fact that many citrus fruits include large levels of acid and thats why you need to avoid them both in solid and juice forms. Limes, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons are the main sources of this acid as are pineapples which, even though they aren’t actually citrus fruits, are still irritating to your system. You need to choose bananas, apples, pears and berries to get ample Vitamin C each day.

This might seem a little bit traumatizing but if your bladder is excessively energetic, you shouldn’t take in a lot of chocolate. Caffeine is in chocolate. Your bladder will not enjoy it when you take in caffeine and will reward you for this ingestion with lots of trips to the bathroom. The very same holds true for caffeinated beverages as well. If you have been making many trips to the toilet, lay off of the caffeine both in solid and liquid form. Choose dark chocolate and also decaffeinated liquids as a substitute.

Particularly spicy food items, like caffeine, might be very irritating to the bladder. This will probably be troubling for many who like spicy foods but it is vital, if you dont want to spend your evenings running to the bathroom, to avoid foods like super spicy nachos, wasabi sauce, etc. If the food makes your nose and eyes run it is going to help make other areas of your body run also. Choose less spicy versions of those foodsthat way you can get the flavor without the discomfort of your bladder.

We frequently reckon that if the waste has come out of your system as a liquid then it must have gone into your body as a liquid. This is not 100% correct. The waste material that comes out of our bodies is just the excess parts of what we have consumed that cannot be used or stored so it is excreted in whatever manner is the most convenient.

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