The History and Attractions of Bristol

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Bristol is seen as the informal capital of the West Country of England and is the 8th largest city in the UK. Its ballpark population is 433,100 (2009) and in the bigger urban area 1,070,000 (2007). It got the Royal Charter in 1155 and county status was granted in 1373. Bristol’s closest cities are historic Gloucester, Bath and Cardiff, with bordering counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire. Following archaeological artefacts from the Paleolithic time, it has been shown that Bristol’s history as a living populace dates back around 60,000 years.

The city of Bristol was built around the short coastline of the River Severn Estuary and the River Avon. This gave rise to a substantial boating and shippinglegacy. The chief industries in the thirteenth century were shipbuilding and manufacturing. Later in the fifteenth century, trading spread to Ireland and Iceland. Then in the sixteen century, trading spread further abroad to Spain and the Americas.

Bristol Cathedral was formerly known as the Abbey of St Augustine and dates back to 1140. Slave trading was abolished in 1807, however, prior to this it was established between the UK and the Americas in the seventeenth century. Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Bristol have firm links because Brunel designed and made the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Bristol Temple Meads Station. In 2002, Brunel was voted one of the most influential men in the History of Britain.

Bristol University was created in 1909. In 1992, the West of England University was developed from Bristol Polytechnic, and is now one of the country’s leading centres for design and media studies.

Heavy bombing was incurred duringiin World War II in the centre of Bristol, by the German Luftwaffe. It was an attempt to lame England’s shipping routes in the country’s south-west. The city of Bristol was rebuilt in the 60s. The rebuilding had road expansion and tower blocks.

Bristol is an great base for exploring the West Country and is a culturally vibrant city, with a wide variety of attractions and events.


* At-Bristol illustrates the functions of our world. Plus explores is a range of particular exhibitions – from animation to flight, illusions and sport!

* Bristol Zoo Gardens is the fifth oldest zoo outside a municipality and also the 5th oldest in the world.

* Blue Reef Aquarium contains flora and fauna, from seahorses and puffer fish to living corals and tropical sharks.

* Brunel’s SS Great Britain – the world’s original passenger liner to be iron hulled, steam-powered and screw propeller-driven. The ship was constructed by Brunel in 1843 and now preserved in a dry-dock alongside the city’s floating harbour.

* Clifton Suspenson Bridge: possibly Bristol’s most famous landmark, Brunel’s 19th century suspension bridge spans the spectacular Avon Gorge at a height of 75m.

* Cabot Circus provides city centre tourists with over 120 new shops, with 15 key flagship stores.

* Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Bristol’s major museum.

* Ferry Boat Company has options from a circular trip tour; hopping on or off or just getting from A to B and to lots of harbour-side attractions.

* Pirate Walks – one hour walking , which is guided, of Bristol’s historical harbour-side. Tours of Bristol’s 16th, 17th and 18th century Maritime History are available on foot.

* Clifton Downs and Observatory lies in The Downs, a large open spot within Bristol. Its panoramas traverse over the Avon Gorge and the suspension bridge. On top of the Downs is the Observatory, housing a camera obscura and a cave leading down to an observation point within a perpendicualr cliff face.

*Bristol to Bath Railway Cycle Path – runs from Bristol to Bath on a no longer used railway line.


- Bristol Balloon Festival

* St Pauls Carnival

- Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Bristol Open Doors Day

Venn Festival


- Festival of Ideas

* Bristol Harbour Festival

Soil Association Organic Food Festival

: Bristol International Kite Festival

Things to do in Bristol We want you to get out there and enjoy everything Bristol. This is our online video guide to whats waiting for you…. now do it! What to do in Bristol

Reasons Why You Should Choose Etihad Airlines

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Near Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates or UAE created Etihad Airways which has done very well in this industry. Travelers will be happy to know that this particular airline has stops at 70 destinations around the globe and is growing each and every day. This article will focus on Etihad Airways and its many destinations, as well as the benefits of traveling with this airline.

If you want to be treated with complete luxury upon landing, Etihad Airways has a limousine service called Etihad Chauffeur that can take you wherever you want to go. If pampered treatment is important to you when flying, and after you land, Etihad Airlines has a treat for you with their exclusive limo service, especially if you fly Pearl Business Class or Diamond First Class. This starts your journey off to a great start and saves you the trouble of having to plan your trip to the airport or from the airport to your hotel. At an additional charge, you may extend this limousine service and make use of it during your stay in a city where it’s operating. To ensure availability, call in advance giving the company at least 24 hours notice to make sure that they have a limo for you.

Coral Economy Class is the least expensive way to fly with Etihad Airways, but don’t worry about being treated any differently. You will still get to have ergonomically designed seats and the ability to lean back even though you are not traveling First Class or Business Class. Another thing you get are footrests and headrests that will make your journey much more comfortable. Economy Class passengers have a choice of food and beverages, including desserts and a variety of cafe beverages. There is a wide variety of entertainment that is available including games and movies. Children are also taken into consideration and given entertainment packs to help them bide their time.

There are things that are required when you fly into another country, like UAE, that apply to you, like having a visa. For citizens of Western nations such as the United States, the UK, Australia, as well as many other countries, you don’t need to get a visa ahead of time to enter the UAE. As long as you have a valid passport that won’t expire for at least 6 months after your arrival, you can get a 30 day visa upon arrival. Of course, if you’re not sure of your status in this regard you should look on the Etihad Airways website or call them to find out what requirements apply to you.

Knowledgeable and experienced travelers give the best feedback for Etihad Airways, though there are a lot of airlines to choose from the feedback isn’t as good. To this degree, flying to vacation destinations or flying for business purposes, this airline has great offerings and you should look into what it has available. Conceding one has to take many hours flying, it’s smart to produce a trip that is as pleasurable as can be, and Etihad Airways might be able to aid you in that.

No matter where you travel, it’s a good idea to get a rental car. Just make sure you have sufficient insurance to cover it. Fortunately, many auto insurance organizations cover car rentals while you’re on vacation. Double check with your insurance agent to ensure.

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Enjoy A Family Holiday In Cornwall

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If you have never before seen the beauty of Cornwall, you have been missing something. Unless you see it for yourself you will never believe it. Serene countryside, white sandy beaches, and perfect waves provide the perfect spot. Come and spend a holiday Cornwall is calling you.

Children are kept happy, safe, and busy in one of the several kids’ clubs offered. You can feel free to go sailing, fishing, or visit the gym any time you like. Shopping and dining establishments wait to welcome you. There is always another spot to explore, so numerous holidays may have to be planned. There really is something for everyone here.

Sunbathing can be done nearly anywhere. There are several beaches to choose from. Which one you choose will depend largely on what you plan to do there. If surfing is what you are after than rest assured there are many good spots for this, and a surfing school for those that are wanting to learn. Dunes along one beach makes for wonderful walking.

If fishing is your ideal pastime, there are a number of fishing resorts in Cornwall. They offer any number of lakes on each one, with various depths, designed for various skills. You are even able to purchase your bait from the shops ahead of time when you place your reservations.

The shops and eateries in the town are quite pleasant. If you enjoy exploring local scenes and hot spots you will not be bored. There will be plenty to occupy you. There is also a zoo nearby that makes for a wonderful family outing. Cornwall is very family friendly.

Come and spend holiday Cornwall relaxing and enjoying your leisure time. Be sure to plan early and make reservations as spots do fill up fast. Cornwall is waiting to welcome you so do not delay. You will be glad you went.

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Amazing Vacations In Devon And Cornwall

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Many people are so anxious to get away for just a little while, and that time of the year has finally arrived once again. It is vacation or holiday time and you are trying to decide where to go. Perhaps you should check on some of the vacations in Devon and Cornwall before you make your choice. This area of England is very beautiful and there is much to do and see in both Devon and Cornwall.

Located between the English and Bristol Channels, the area is brimming with wonderful things to see and do. Somerset will be on your itinerary as well, since it is also in the same area, being just north of the very popular vicinity you will be in.

Going by air, bus, train or private motor vehicle, accessing the southwest of England where Devon, as well as Cornwall, are found, is simple. Trips there with stops in Dartmouth and Plymouth will give you a very interesting trip. If you are simply crossing the border from the north country of Scotland or Wales, it is just as important to have proper documentation as it is if you are going to England by sea or air from any other country.

Those lucky travelers coming to the United Kingdom to spend some time visiting these wonderful towns will be greatly surprised to learn about all the history that is there. The area of Devon is considered hilly terrain with large outcrops of rock. Some the hills in the area reach 1500 feet in height. The valleys are very fertile and very good for growing crops. Along the coast there are very high cliffs but at other areas, the shoreline is full of beautiful sandy beaches.

The folks who choose to visit this area may have some knowledge of what is here and what activities are available, like swimming, golfing, museums and so much more. The area of Cornwall has hundreds of activities to visit and see or even participate in. It is located close to Lands End and one item Cornwall is noted for is that is has the mildest climate in Britain.

They say that here spring comes early and autumn is always late. Accommodations are very adequate and fairly priced. There are also inns and cottages available and if you wish, there is camping and recreational parks in the area.

If you have chosen this area to visit, you certainly have made a wise choice. The local folks are friendly and the whole area of both Devon and Cornwall are just beautiful, yielding enough activities and places to visit that they will keep you busy for the whole trip. If you feel like a swim, that is available also. Just hop in the water anytime you wish and enjoy.

Once you have tried the vacations in Devon and Cornwall you will certainly tell your friends and plan to return real soon. Perhaps you may even consider this the best vacations of your lifetime.

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Get your Party tee shirt now

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Party Tee Shirt For companies that have printing requirements that consist of labels, receipts, ID cards and other business related concerns, Party tee shirts have been delivering trustworthy answers for years. Their products, however, can also make life more convenient for the small and home businesses.

Buy your Party tee shirt now Party tee shirts may be just what you are looking for. Power and flexibility to be more productive is what the mid range thermal tee shirt from Party tee shirt can give you. You can print labels up to six inches wide on this versatile unit, which also offers convenient network connectivity that will work for just about any company or home business.

Party tee shirt is making this model with the not yet available technology of RFID (radio frequency identification) and you will be able to take advantage of it. Because this model can be used in a variety of formats you can integrate it into almost any existing setup.

The Party tee shirt is a reliable and powerful label tee shirt that can help make your business more efficient. For those who need to print high quality, secure financial cards, look no further than the Party tee shirt ZXP Series 8 Secure Issuance tee shirt. Any company, store or institution that needs to print out secure cards quickly will find this machine to be extremely useful.

Containing some of the highest security features available, each card is personalized to your customer. Your customers will feel far more secure about receiving a personalized, professional card containing the very best of security. You can also rely on Party tee shirt’s complete support for anything you might need. If your business must provide secure financial cards to your customers, the Party tee shirt ZXP Series 8 is highly recommended.

The Party tee shirt Solution gives you the whole package you need for designing and creating your own ID cards. This kit includes everything you need, including the compact tee shirt, Quick-card software, USB connectivity and a digital webcam. If you need to create ID cards for staff or students or business members, this kit gives you all you need to create them easily.

Professional ID cards can give your staff or your customers a stronger feeling of connection. The system is very user friendly so you get the highest quality ID cards every time. For anyone needing to create ID cards, the Party tee shirt Quick-card is the ideal choice.

These models that we’ve discussed here are only a couple of the many available. If you are paying a tee shirt to print for you then you are wasting your money, instead get a Party tee shirt and save yourself time and money by doing it yourself.

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There Are Positive Aspects For Flying With BMI Commercial Airline Carriers

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Of all of the top airlines in the world that are used by frequent flyers everyday, BMI Airlines has the least amount of notoriety of them all. This airline actually has a vast list of worldwide destinations and offers exceptional service to all those that fly with them. This airline is actually known for the amazing deals that offers its passengers, and travels to many of the same places the major carriers do as well.

BMI Airlines is well known in the business industry, serving more business travelers than any of the other competing airlines today. One reason for this is the large number of convenient flights the airline offers to cities popular among business travelers. Another is how well passengers in Business Class are treated. BMI Airlines has everything from cutting edge menus to spacious seating that is seldom found on any other airline. Finally, they’ve also made it very convenient for business travelers, as well as anyone who flies frequently to make reservations straight from their phones.

In order to serve customers looking for bargains, BMI created Bmibaby Airline, which specializes in budget regional travel around Europe. So if you need to take a shorter flight in Europe, Bmibaby Airline can usually accommodate with 20 specific destinations. So if you travel to Europe, you can use BMI to navigate to many different European destinations whether you are on business or just touring the country. The best thing about traveling in Europe is Bmibaby Airlines because they offer so many flights throughout Europe that can help you once you arrive in England or another location. Of course, Bmibaby Airline has a website that you can access regardless of where you live in the world to see what they have to offer.

It is wise to have some diversions on your trip since many of the flights that BMI airlines have, are pretty long. Depending on the flight you’re on, BMI offers a wide variety of movies, television shows, music and online games. All patrons are supplied with an in flight publication, Voyager, which have special features and stories about technology, lifestyle and entertainment. Business Class passengers can stay engrossed in their portable phones or laptops as dataports are on hand.

We have just presented many fascinating aspects of this diverse company called BMI Airlines. This airline, BMI, continues to go strong throughout Europe despite setbacks that usually occur to companies as they grow. Lufthansa, a very popular airline in Europe, recently acquired BMI, though it remains a separate company altogether. It’s good to check out as many options as possible when you plan to travel, and BMI Airlines is one alternative worth looking into.

Regardless of where or the method that you travel, you will need a decent, cozy lodge when you arrive to your destination. Picking the proper motel is as important as choosing the appropriate airliner. That way you’ll have the most amazing holiday possible. After a long day of taking in the sights, you want a decent soothing bed to sleep it. That’s why motels are a very important aspect of your vacation.

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How To Purchase Concert Tickets Online

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Many shoppers elect to acquire concert tickets online. Quite a few of the major events sell out rapidly, and the most convenient way to make sure you get to see the concert is usually to purchase seats over the internet. There are a number of different websites that make this possible.

Also, this is an excellent way to find deep discounts on tickets. There are deals online that you will not find anywhere else. And the savings are usually significant. It is not impossible to save more than fifty percent of the face value of the ticket, when you shop online.

The key to locating the most effective offers is understanding where you can shop. It’s a wise decision to stay with the bigger, more proven suppliers, when it comes to making a purchase. These are websites that you can trust. They have full listings to all different kinds of venues.

When you go on to one of these websites, you will have access to all of the seats that are available and how much they cost. There is a seating plan available, so you know exactly where you will be seated. As soon as the purchase is made, the seats are yours.

If you know about these sales in advance, this is a good way to get seats and save money. There are a number of online clubs associated with your favorite artists or bands. These club websites will usually indicate when tickets go on sale and oftentimes they offer special discounts.

Another option is looking for available tickets on the popular auction web sites. This can be a great way to get your hands on last minute seats at a really good price. And when you choose to not bid on the actual seats, there is usually an option to purchase right away, without putting in a bid. The major sites are supervised to protect you against scams. And you can have your shipping expedited to arrive in time for the event.

It’s also possible to locate opportunities on the classified ad websites. This would actually be a more risky way to go about getting seats and should be utilized as a last measure. These sites aren’t monitored or even regulated, therefore there are a lot of ripoffs that posted on these boards. If you are planning to get your own seats in this manner, it’s vital to do the deal in person.

There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to getting concert tickets online. It is always a better option to purchase from distributors that are proven and have an excellent track record on the web. The more investigation you do, will certainly uncover lots of viable alternatives. You should look around and compare a few deals before buying. A lot of people have huge success finding the events they want for discounts prices by using the internet.

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There Are Beautiful And Scenic St Barts Villas To Rent

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The dry tropical climate and rough hilly terrain of this tropical island caused it to be unsuited for agricultural purposes. Other islands of the French West Indies experienced early growth and plantation development, while this one remained poor and unspoiled. Since about 1970 its turn has come to shine. It has become a popular destination for wealthy tourists and homeowners who appreciate the beauty, quiet, and privacy the St Barts villas offer.

In 1746 Christopher Columbus named it after his brother Barthelemay. It is of the Leeward Islands in the Northeast Caribbean, approximately 160 mi. East of Puerto Rico. Neighboring islands include St. Kitts, St. Martin and Antigua.

This volcanic island contains 8 sq. Mi. (21 sq km) of territory and is surrounded by pristine beaches and shallow coral reefs. The highest point is 938 ft. (286 m.). Temperatures stay at an even 72 to 86 degrees (22 to 30 C). December through May is the dry season with more humidity experienced from June through November.

This place was colonized twice by native peoples, but there was no game and little could be grown. The French colonized it in 1648. It first knew prosperity after it came into the possession of Sweden in 1784, and was made a duty free port. They stimulated much of the early development, and named the capitol Gustavia. In 1853 an earthquake devastated the island. A fire later caused additional damage. In 1878 it was sold back to France.

While the official language is French, English is also spoken most everywhere, especially the hotels and restaurants. The 8,800 inhabitants are mostly European descendants of original settlers and newer settlers from North America.

About 200,000 tourists visit each year, with about 70,000 of those staying in one of the 25 small hotels or 400 rental villas, and the remaining 130,000 being passengers on luxury boats. The natural harbor at Gustavia, and the surrounding waters are a yacht haven. Scuba diving, wind surfing, and surfing are popular activities. Duty free, upscale retail makes shopping a fun and money saving experience.

Some seventy restaurants locate here prepare and serve Creole, West Indian, Italian, and Asian fare. Music of several Caribbean varieties is enjoyed. Poolside massages can be arranged at the rental villas, as well as yoga or private tours. Twenty-two public beaches await with warm coastal waters in a constant 68 to 74 degrees (20-23 C) temperature.

The heaviest tourism season is during the winter holiday season. Deep discounts of up to 50% can be obtained between April 16th and December 14th. A tourism tax of 5% is charged, so make sure it is included in the price and not added on later. There are only two gas stations, so expect your visit to be pollution and traffic free. The port here is not deep enough for large cruise ships so you will not see large crowds of tourists. Crime is pretty much nonexistent.

More than 400 St Barts villas of all styles and sizes can be rented for that quiet family tropical vacation or romantic getaway. These lodgings are located both directly on the beach and in the hills above where they provide spectacular vistas. If you enjoy your experience as much as most people you will want to return again and again, perhaps even purchase a home here.

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Programs To Expect In Summer Camps For Children

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There are many things to consider when choosing summer camps for kids. There are different types of programs available for families to pick from. These summer weekly programs can be organized through private centers, government run facilities and daycare centers. Each type of program may be slightly different. This type of care will offer campers a chance to explore and have fun using a variety of activities and games.

Summer programs for should be fun and entertaining. Kids should look forward to going each and everyday. It is not like daycare, camp activities and games are run differently and camp staff are also trained differently than daycare staff. Camp staff will need to know CPR and first aid and have a criminal reference check complete. Their background training may involve some prior work with kids. Staff may be students or could be young people who are heading to collage. They will get lots of training and support from the organization and from activity books.

A childcare center will have a different area for their camps. There may be lots of trips planned during the week that involve fun kid destinations and swimming pools. There will be a program that is followed every week and a daily schedule.

Private camps may be run through specific organizations such as the; zoo, museum and art gallery. While specific programs can be fun, they may feature the same type of activities all week. A private center may have a certain theme that runs all throughout the summer, but they may break up the day by doing different things. Zoo camper may take part in many animal activities, but they may also do a craft, a sport and go swimming to break up the day. Government run programs may be organized through the city. These programs may be cheap and could feature weekly themes.

If a family requires extended care, then there are camps that will offer that service. Extended care may run a few hours before the official camp start time and end a few hours after camp has closed. Staff will watch the children and provide them with some free play activities.

Morning sessions may involve a group project that can be taken home. Activities may be designed around the theme of summer and may involve several steps to put together. Kids will be encouraged to use their imagination and work as a team. Doing a different type of project each day can keep campers busy and help to fill up the day.

In the afternoon, staff may take the campers swimming or on a trip. There are also neighborhood excursions that can take place to different parks. Outdoor equipment and toys can be brought out to use. Staff may also organize some fun water games or sports.

Summer Camps will not only do fun activities, sports, field trips and crafts, they will also have special themed days and lots of organized fun. Calenders may be sent home with parents so that they can view what will be happening throughout the summer months.

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You Might Enjoy Cruise With Family

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If you are looking for vacation ideas you might enjoy cruise with family and leave the land behind for the thrill of the open seas. Driving can be a hassle for both you and the family as many hours of your vacation are spent in a crowded car. It would be great if you could just go to sleep and wake up at a new destination. Cruising allows you to do just that.

Driving to unique vacations spots has become quite an expense when you factor in the cost of gas, hotels and food expenses. Not to mention the amount of time you lose driving and being cramped in a car. For the same costs you may be able to join hundreds of other people who are going to the same place and take the same vehicle to get there. Cruising by sea allows you to visit new places and arrive there refreshed and ready to fully appreciate the sights and points of interest you will find.

You may find that in most ships the rooms are not very large, however they are only needed for sleeping and getting dressed. You may want choose an outside cabin that has a window if you do not like the thought of small enclosed quarters.

The ship will have plenty of open space and lots of fun things to do while cruising. Each port of cal can be an adventure and have many places to visit. You will normally travel at night so each morning you wake up refreshed in a new locale where there will be many places to see and things to do. Breakfast is ready so you just have to get up, get dressed and eat then you have the whole day to do what you please.

Not having to worry about where to eat is another benefit of cruising. Few people return from a ship adventure who do not go on and on about their culinary experience. You can choose fine dining and gourmet dishes in a formal dining room setting or if you prefer you can choose from a variety of all you can eat buffets. No one should come home hungry and many will come home having eaten more than they probably should have.

During the day you may venture ashore to the new locale you have arrived at and explore the city or nearby attractions. If you prefer you have the option to stay aboard and participate in the many activities that are available. Many cruises are geared towards families that have children and provide fun on board diversions. There is normally no shortage of things to do if you prefer staying on the ship.

At night the fun continues as you enjoy concerts, comedians, and many other types of entertainment. There are activities for families and adults alike. If you prefer a little more solitude you may prefer to sit outside and watch the sunset or just take pleasure in the sound of the waves and the ocean. You can experience a unique trip and give your family a treasured memory when you vacation at sea.

So consider how you can enjoy cruise with family for your next vacation. Let someone else do the driving while you have joy in the journey and arrive in style. Getting there is truly half of the fun when you are on Toronto cruises.

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