Similarities Between Pilot Fatigue and Incapacitation

January 11, 2012 by Steve Brennan  
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Just Recently a British Airways flight carried out an air turn back and returned to Heathrow airfield about 20 minutes after Takeoff due to the Captain not feeling well. Aside from some “panic” statements to the press from a few of the passengers, the aircraft returned without incident and completed a safe and uneventful landing.

This kind of situation is often known as pilot incapacitation and can happen in subtle forms like in that particular situation where the pilot was feeling a little light-headed or in more dire eventualities such as when a pilot experiences a heart attack or stroke. Airlines have procedures in place for the detection of any type of incapacitation and also what to do if this situation should appear. Whether or not one pilot is completely unconscious the other pilot will be in a position to safely land at an airport.

Lately the FAA announced it’s recently released pilot fatigue rules which it’s purpose is to make the skies safer for both passengers and pilots alike. Glaringly these rules were changed for a reason however the FAA felt these new regulations needn’t apply to cargo pilots. While their decision to do that had to have been influenced by political pressure I totally disagree with it, believing it should comprise all pilots and not just passenger pilots.

While it may be a controversial point I’d still like to identify the similarities between a fatigued, tired pilot and subtle incapacitation. Crew Incapacitation means a condition of decline or loss of flight crew member’s capability to perform their duties during flight due to physical or psychological influences. In the British Airways example above the incapacitation was subtle and was recognisable by both crew.

In that situation the pilot felt light headed and unable to complete his job. Realistically what is the difference between subtle incapacitation and a sleepy pilot. Any pilot who is sleepy isn’t capable of carrying out his flight duties at an OK level. Their performance will be radically reduced and heaven forbid have to handle a critical situation while in this condition.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Etihad Airlines

December 22, 2011 by Barclay Carlos Xavier  
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Near Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates or UAE created Etihad Airways which has done very well in this industry. Travelers will be happy to know that this particular airline has stops at 70 destinations around the globe and is growing each and every day. This article will focus on Etihad Airways and its many destinations, as well as the benefits of traveling with this airline.

If you want to be treated with complete luxury upon landing, Etihad Airways has a limousine service called Etihad Chauffeur that can take you wherever you want to go. If pampered treatment is important to you when flying, and after you land, Etihad Airlines has a treat for you with their exclusive limo service, especially if you fly Pearl Business Class or Diamond First Class. This starts your journey off to a great start and saves you the trouble of having to plan your trip to the airport or from the airport to your hotel. At an additional charge, you may extend this limousine service and make use of it during your stay in a city where it’s operating. To ensure availability, call in advance giving the company at least 24 hours notice to make sure that they have a limo for you.

Coral Economy Class is the least expensive way to fly with Etihad Airways, but don’t worry about being treated any differently. You will still get to have ergonomically designed seats and the ability to lean back even though you are not traveling First Class or Business Class. Another thing you get are footrests and headrests that will make your journey much more comfortable. Economy Class passengers have a choice of food and beverages, including desserts and a variety of cafe beverages. There is a wide variety of entertainment that is available including games and movies. Children are also taken into consideration and given entertainment packs to help them bide their time.

There are things that are required when you fly into another country, like UAE, that apply to you, like having a visa. For citizens of Western nations such as the United States, the UK, Australia, as well as many other countries, you don’t need to get a visa ahead of time to enter the UAE. As long as you have a valid passport that won’t expire for at least 6 months after your arrival, you can get a 30 day visa upon arrival. Of course, if you’re not sure of your status in this regard you should look on the Etihad Airways website or call them to find out what requirements apply to you.

Knowledgeable and experienced travelers give the best feedback for Etihad Airways, though there are a lot of airlines to choose from the feedback isn’t as good. To this degree, flying to vacation destinations or flying for business purposes, this airline has great offerings and you should look into what it has available. Conceding one has to take many hours flying, it’s smart to produce a trip that is as pleasurable as can be, and Etihad Airways might be able to aid you in that.

No matter where you travel, it’s a good idea to get a rental car. Just make sure you have sufficient insurance to cover it. Fortunately, many auto insurance organizations cover car rentals while you’re on vacation. Double check with your insurance agent to ensure.

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Tips On Facts On Different Types Of Thule Luggage

December 1, 2011 by Tom Svensoner  
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The company provides high quality outdoor items since the last six decades; however, Thule luggage was not available until a few years ago. The company’s product line includes snow chains, bike carriers, and various types of travel cases that are suitable for any trip. The product range includes bags and packs that last for many years and look smart.

The company manufactures a wide range of duffel bags that include gusseted pockets to separate the wet clothes from the dry clothes. The SafeZone is crush resistant and is available with an access panel from the rear to remove whatever is needed with ease. The other duffel bags include the 38 and 70-Liter bags, which include full zip primary pocket and the gusseted interior pockets.

Other products in this category include the 56 and 87-Liter rolling bags. These products are provided with internal divided compartments, compression straps, and telescoping handles to easily drag the bags. The complete range offers users adaptability, robustness, and the capability to last for many years.

Additional products include the 60-Liter rolling upright with race pack and 38-Liter rolling carry-on bag. These bags come with wheels, telescoping handles, and polypropylene panels on the back for protection. The company ensures your items remain dry with the water resistant fabric and the aluminum hardware materials.

The company provides easy handling of their items with its entire range of bags and packs. The superior quality of materials ensures that your items are safely stored within the bags. Therefore, you can travel anywhere you desire without being worried about any damage to your items.

Although, the company has ventured in to the manufacturing of bags recently, its products are of an excellent quality. The designers and researchers have made the complete range suitable for all types of requirements. Moreover, Thule luggage is reasonably priced to enable its affordability to almost all segments.

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There Are Positive Aspects For Flying With BMI Commercial Airline Carriers

July 11, 2011 by Homer Ignatious Xavier  
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Of all of the top airlines in the world that are used by frequent flyers everyday, BMI Airlines has the least amount of notoriety of them all. This airline actually has a vast list of worldwide destinations and offers exceptional service to all those that fly with them. This airline is actually known for the amazing deals that offers its passengers, and travels to many of the same places the major carriers do as well.

BMI Airlines is well known in the business industry, serving more business travelers than any of the other competing airlines today. One reason for this is the large number of convenient flights the airline offers to cities popular among business travelers. Another is how well passengers in Business Class are treated. BMI Airlines has everything from cutting edge menus to spacious seating that is seldom found on any other airline. Finally, they’ve also made it very convenient for business travelers, as well as anyone who flies frequently to make reservations straight from their phones.

In order to serve customers looking for bargains, BMI created Bmibaby Airline, which specializes in budget regional travel around Europe. So if you need to take a shorter flight in Europe, Bmibaby Airline can usually accommodate with 20 specific destinations. So if you travel to Europe, you can use BMI to navigate to many different European destinations whether you are on business or just touring the country. The best thing about traveling in Europe is Bmibaby Airlines because they offer so many flights throughout Europe that can help you once you arrive in England or another location. Of course, Bmibaby Airline has a website that you can access regardless of where you live in the world to see what they have to offer.

It is wise to have some diversions on your trip since many of the flights that BMI airlines have, are pretty long. Depending on the flight you’re on, BMI offers a wide variety of movies, television shows, music and online games. All patrons are supplied with an in flight publication, Voyager, which have special features and stories about technology, lifestyle and entertainment. Business Class passengers can stay engrossed in their portable phones or laptops as dataports are on hand.

We have just presented many fascinating aspects of this diverse company called BMI Airlines. This airline, BMI, continues to go strong throughout Europe despite setbacks that usually occur to companies as they grow. Lufthansa, a very popular airline in Europe, recently acquired BMI, though it remains a separate company altogether. It’s good to check out as many options as possible when you plan to travel, and BMI Airlines is one alternative worth looking into.

Regardless of where or the method that you travel, you will need a decent, cozy lodge when you arrive to your destination. Picking the proper motel is as important as choosing the appropriate airliner. That way you’ll have the most amazing holiday possible. After a long day of taking in the sights, you want a decent soothing bed to sleep it. That’s why motels are a very important aspect of your vacation.

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Reasons Why BMI Aircraft Is A Leader In The Field

July 9, 2011 by Henry Grecco Xavier  
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Furnishing flights to a varying array of destinations, British Midland International is an airline established in England. Though some of the larger airlines are more familiar to people, British Midland Airlines has been in service longer than seventy years and has received stable approval in the airline business. Discussed here will be various data and attributes that BMI airlines are known for.

Just before World War II, in 1938 to be exact, the company that would eventually become BMI started up as Air Schools Limited with its primary purpose the training of RAF (Royal Air Force) pilots. The company changed its name to British Midland Airways (BMA) in late 1964 in conjunction with its relocation to East Midlands Airport. BMI has over 1,800 flights each week to 30 different countries. It can fly you to such locations as the Caribbean, Casablanca, and Vienna. BMI has grown to be the second biggest airline carrier flying out of Heathrow in London. Heathrow has the status of being among the busiest and largest airlines in operation today. Needless to say, BMI is very sought after by international travelers who are traveling to Heathrow or just doing a stop over en route to other places.

Though mostly known for being a British airline, BMI flies to numerous destinations throughout the globe. BMI would be a smart selection for example, if you need to fly to a destination like Saudi Arabia or Damascus as in recent years BMI began to offer more flights to such places.

BMI has actually created a subdivision called Bmibaby Airline which serves Europe and provides bargains for those looking for a travel deal. If you need to save some money while traveling in Europe, Bmibaby Airline can usually give you a great deal to one of its 20 destinations. Although BMI is based in the United Kingdom, it travels throughout Europe with multiple destinations to serve all travelers that are on vacation or even on a small business trip. For example, if you’re booking a flight from somewhere in the US to England, and also want to take some shorter flights while in Europe, Bmibaby may have what you’re looking for. If you are traveling soon to Europe, go see the Bmibaby Airline website for the latest deals on their flights throughout Europe.

BMI doesn’t shortchange its Economy class passengers even though its main focus is on the Business traveler. The features BMI provides its Economy class passengers are very user-friendly. The appeal of Economy flights is obviously to save money, but with BMI Airlines, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort either. The earlier you book your flight the more seats are still empty. This allows you the ability to pick the seat you want while there is still a good selection. Another feature of BMI is the diversity of its menu and the entertainment it offers. You also will receive refreshments accompanied by complimentary alcoholic and other beverages. One nice touch that you don’t see on a lot of other airlines is a special package just for the children. This gives them their own “things” to do to keep entertained during the flight. If you are traveling in the vicinity of England, especially if it is for business, BMI Airlines would be a good choice for your travel plans. Airlines continually offer new flights, so this airline, which has access to lots of international places, may have more than the last time you looked. When an airline has a well-regarded reputation as a friendly airline, it will definitely have what it takes to continue on in business for a long time.

If you really wish to have an excellent holiday, you will need to not just choose the best airplane, but select the right hotel as well. That way, you’ll ensure a lovely time that you can remember for the rest of your life.

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The Distinguished Chronicle Of Scandinavian Airways

July 3, 2011 by Grant Victor Xavier  
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There are many fascinating stories of airlines in recent history, and Scandinavian Airlines is one with many twists and turns. If an airline can manage to stay in operation across many decades, than that attests to something worthy of note. Around the world, the airline industry is one of the most grueling and that is a straightforward justification.

After the end of the first decade of the 21st century, SAS Global is responsible for international air carrier operations. The Scandinavian Airlines Systems is the number one airline operating in Scandinavia. The airlines flies to more than 100 destinations around the globe including points in North America and Asia. The Star alliance was formed as part of the consortium of airlines in the SAS. A huge part of the success for any airline is brand awareness and marketing. In the mid 1950′s Scandinavian Airlines set the world on fire with it’s marketing campaigns aimed at increasing it’s brand awareness worldwide. They figured out an air route over the North Pole with a maiden flight to Los Angeles on the west coast of the US. Then they took a leap of faith and branded this service as “round the world service over the North Pole to the US.” The destinations serviced by that exact route included Denmark, Alaska and Japan.

What Scandinavian Airlines did was no different that what any other airline had done around the world. Expanding and capturing as much of the market as possible is the goal. Garnering the domestic flight routes within Scandinavia is what made them succeed. The airline achieved that feat by simply gaining either partial or full control of the smaller airlines operating in their domestic areas. With hard work the SAS was able to acquire Air Canada and the company that owned Continental Airlines.

Additional air routes include a flight to Oslo, Norway plus travel within Denmark. While the entire company itself employs in excess of 15,000 people, SAS DK employee count is just under 3,000. Because Sweden also has a portion of possession, the story is analogous to SAS Sweden. Domestic flights in Sweden, as well as flights out of Stockholm, Sweden to an array of European destinations are the field of operations.

Scandinavia and Europe boast some of the foremost central points for the international airline called Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Being owned by three countries, as well as public stock possession, this is an attention grabbing example for a well-known airline. The early years of SAS demonstrated how innovation with travel routes could prove to be very lucrative. The company was able to garner tremendous public awareness by their bold move to establish new air routes.

Due to predictions by the management in the company, a huge part of their accomplishments took place because of their predictions of the future, during the late 1900s.

Regardless of what airline you choose, going on vacation can be something that you should do at least one time a year. Selecting your holiday destination is essential, because a great location will make or break your time and effort away from work.

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How To Choose The Best Credit Card For Airline Miles?

June 14, 2011 by Elijah Bitson  
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Life could have been really great if you have a credit card company that will offer you some gifts every now and then. Well, with the best credit card for airline miles you may be getting more than you ever thought possible and with the many companies now offering credit cards exactly like these, you could be travelling the world, residing in wonderful hotels and even getting vehicles hire for free or at a very discounted price. If you’re currently on the market for a new credit card then this is definitely one option that you should be looking at.

When it comes to choosing the right credit card for airline miles, it can be almost a minefield. You need to sit down and work out your travel habits and also your credit card habits and then try to combine the two for a credit card that works perfectly well for you. There are a few hints and tips that you can use however to ensure that you are getting the most out of your credit card especially if you are a regular traveler by air.

To begin with you should be aware that when it comes to finding the best credit card for airline miles, you have two main options to choose from. The first is usually referred to as an air miles reward card and the second is known as the frequent flyer credit card. In reality both of them have their benefits and drawbacks and you will have to think well on the one that will really be appropriate for you. If you’re a regular traveler by air then you need to be looking more carefully at the frequent flyer miles credit card but if you merely travel a couple of times each year and not usually with the same airlines then it is the airlines reward credit card that you should normally be opting for.

As a general rule, the frequent flyer miles credit card will be a card sponsored, as such, by a specific airline and its partner airlines. This is basically a little thank you from them for being a frequent customer with them and is a great way for them to encourage you to continue using their airline services. You will find that with a credit card such as this one with only one or two airlines connected to it that your miles will add up at a much faster pace than with the rewards type credit card. This is one thing that you should bear in mind when looking at the best credit card for airline miles for you.

The other kind of credit card; the rewards card, will usually have miles that can be used on a great number of different airlines. This is perfect for those that do not fly regularly as you can put the purchases that you would normally be spending anyway on the credit card to eventually get something in return once you have a high enough balance of miles or points. You will often find that you will get more for your money or rather your miles with this kind of credit card as well because you can use a number of different airlines, some of which will offer cheaper flights than others – usually the larger airlines are connected to the frequent flyer card.

One final thing that you might also find is that you can use the rewards that you have gained on this sort of credit card for other things for example discounts on gas, vehicle rentals as well as hotel stays which means if you don’t usually travel with one airline or simply not travel a lot by air at all, this will be the perfect credit card for airline miles for you.

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Air Travel During Pregnant – First, Second and Third Trimester

March 24, 2011 by Julie Xillion  
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As you move through pregnancy, the challenge of flying when pregnant becomes greater and greater. In the first trimester, remaining motionless in an airline seat is much more comfortable. Traveling in the second trimester of pregnancy is in fact a bit safer than traveling all through the first or third trimester. Your risk is a bit lower, and depending how many weeks pregnant you are, your degree of comfort can be okay. The larger challenge comes when you are traveling during the third trimester of pregnancy. If you are flying when pregnant during your third trimester, not only do you carry a higher risk of premature birth, but just squeezing into the seat may very well be a challenge. Flying When Pregnant

The risks and challenges of air travel during pregnancy, but both can be managed with a little consideration and preparation. The air travel rules vary from airline to airline, but most have a particular cutoff after which you must not fly. The restrictions on flying while may appear like a hassle, especially if you have somewhere to go, but the travel restrictions are there to safeguard the health of you and your baby as well as protect the airline from increased liability.

Traveling During The First Trimester

In looking at the statistics, travel all through the first trimester of pregnancy is more risky than other trimesters. Although you may not be far along, variations in pressure, stillness for long periods, turbulence, and other factors may provide challenges to a pregnant mother.

Traveling During The Second Trimester

Statistically speaking, air travel during the second trimester is the safest. Even though you are required to get up and walk around, both to keep good circulation in your legs as well as get to the bathroom, traveling when pregnant in the second trimester should not be a problem.

Third Trimester

In traveling while pregnant, air travel during the third trimester is a challenge that increases as you approach your due date. In addition to the discomfort of fitting into your chair and having to sit for an extended period, your risk of birth is at the forefront of your risks. In fact, most airlines will not let you travel after you reach so many weeks of pregnancy. Unless it is absolutely mandatory, you should adhere to the airlines pregnant travelers’ policy and not fly when they tell you that you shouldn’t.

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Pillows, Earplugs, and Air Travel

March 18, 2011 by Jamie Boxx  
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One of the principal challenges with traveling is remaining comfortable while in a confined airline seat. As a result, the delight associated with air travel has long gone from the experience Now, when you travel, you need a number of apparatus to sustain a general level of luxury. For illustration, inflatable, or cushioned neck pillows may help make the travel experience a bit better.

Neck pillows are critical travel devices to anyone who spends a great deal of time on airplanes. We all recognize that airline seats are tight, only recline slightly, and put passengers into very close quarters. As such, having the luxury on resting your head without straining your neck is a minimal luxury that is crucial to enhance comfort.

Additional items that may aid in improving the travel experience are ear phones or ear plugs. Air travel is extremely loud and the full din of the engine may, over time, damage your hearing. A simple set of ear plugs helps to add luxury and safeguard delicate hearing from prolonged exposure to an painful noise. Another benefit of using ear plugs or noise canceling ear phones is that the add a minor privacy from talkative neighbors.

For many travelers, the must have items include sunglasses, ear plugs, and a simple inflatable neck pillow. If you choose to sleep on the flight, then using these fundamental gear to keep the noise, light and distractions out while you rest can help immensely. These tools in addition to your neck cushion help to improve the experience and may even help you catch up on your sleep whilst you travel.

Not considering of where you are traveling to, flying may be a contest. Comfort is sacrificed in exchange for efficiency and the hassle of moving through each of the small roadblock at the airport before being stuffed into a tight small chair. Luckily, these few travel resources may help enhance your experience, at least until you get to your final destination.

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