St. Lucia Calling!

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Look no further than St. Lucia if you are looking for that perfect romantic holiday destination. You’ve been to St. Lucia a thousand times in your mind’s eye when you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful beach with its white sands and clear water. Yup, that’s right; St. Lucia is the kind of island which people dream of.

It is located in the Eastern portion of the Caribbean chain and is one of the Windward Islands of what is known as the Lesser Antilles. It is the perfect place to take your loved one for a honeymoon since it is still relatively unknown. You’ll get loads of privacy! It is located above Barbados and is midway between the islands St. Vincent and Martinique.

This puny island is just 14 miles wide and 27 miles long. But don’t be fooled by its puny size. It has a whole lot to offer tourists, with the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern shore and the beautiful Caribbean on the Western part of it.

Nature’s Bounty

Nature has been generous to this island, making it one of the most beautiful destinations in the world-Nestled within the mountains of this island lies enormous tropical rainforests, full of exotic species of flora and fauna which you can discover for yourself. Just go on a hike or a rainforest tour and enjoy the beauty of the forests!

Not to forget the Pitons which are twin mountain peaks which rise to a height of about two thousand feet. These two mountains form St. Lucia’s most prominent landmark and you can enjoy the view from Mt. Gimie or from a boat on the beautiful waters. Or you can take a closer look at volcanoes by going to the world’s only drive in volcano which is located within this island – yes I’m talking about the Sulfur Springs!

If you’re a lover of nature then a visit to the Latille Gardens is a must if you do go down to St. Lucia. You’ll see trees bending under the weight of beautiful tropical fruit, colorful blossoms and of course little waterfalls. Try taking a walk there in the evening with the loved one, the romantic atmosphere there needs to be experienced to be believed!


St. Lucia is culturally rich and throbbing with nightlife. In fact St. Lucia is renowned for the beautiful music the locals make and they never miss a chance to showcase their talents. You can drop into any hotel or restaurant to enjoy live bands, Shak Shak Bands, Steep Pan Bands and even limbo dancers!

In fact, every Friday night, the village of Gros islet has a street party for the locals and tourists alike, which they call a “jump up”. You can choose to be a part of it – there is music and dancing on the streets and vendors selling barbecued chicken and local delicacies! Nightlife in St. Lucia is definitely not to be missed, so if you’re looking for a break or even a romantic Getaway, you know where to go!

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