Some Information To Help You Find Out About The Best Tropical Vacation Spot Over The Next Few Months

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If your best tropical vacation spot is composed of white sand beaches, turquoise seas, combined with heat and soothing ocean breezes then you may well find this article to be of interest. This essay has some less well-known tropical vacation places, and you never know, after reading through the article and getting more information about some of the aforementioned best tropical vacation spots might become yours as well.

We are going to start in the South Pacific where you can’t fail to get a stunning beach or two.

If you are searching for your own lagoon that is breathtakingly attractive, so beautiful that pictures simply do not do it justice. It is teeming with fish, and so clear and warm it is little wonder that Aitutaki has been depicted as one of the places you need to see before you die!! A simply striking honeymoon spot Aitutaki is part of the Cook islands and is the nearest Island to the capital Rarotonga. Could this be your best tropical vacation spot. If so you’ll need somewhere to stay, and the best advice is the Tamanu Beach

We journey the South Pacific to the Arabian Sea to the Lakshadweep Islands for our next out of this world tropical spot.

They’re situated about 200 miles off the southwest coast of India, and are a real escape from the pressures of 21st century life. Like the Maldives they are coral atolls, the difference is they’re remote, tough to access, and really worth the journey. You won’t mind the need for permits if you’re the sort of person who likes to travel in contrast to being on a package holiday. One of the most stunning places you could ever wish to visit, and virtually absolutely unspoilt, and hopefully it will stay that way. The best place to stay here will be the Bangaram Island Resort

Our 3rd tropical vacation place is in the Caribbean, absolutely unspoilt and way south of the hurricane belt and it is called Los Roques.

Located in the Southern Caribbean, about 80 miles north of Caracas in Venezuela, these almost uninhabited atolls are in truth a national park. There’s only one town, 850 square miles of lagoons, reefs and beaches. There are no cruise ships no huge hotels, just miles of white sand and sublimely clear turquoise seas. This is the Caribbean in the days before mass tourism. To get to Los Roques it’s a 35 minute flight from Caracas, and you will truly realise you have found the best tropical vacation spot possible.There is a good spot to stay called Posada Galapagos on Los Roques.

The author hopes you have got something out of this brief piece and that your personal best tropical vacation spot wasn’t one of the three written about here, as it may force you to look at a different tropical vacation spot this year.

Ian Smith owns a number of Travel sites and feels most of his readers are too conservative when it comes to selecting their vacation or their honeymoons. To see a lot more information click on Tamanu Beach and Bangaram Island Resort


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