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November 20, 2011   Filed under Airline

Not everyone is familiar with Skywest Airlines, but they’ve been providing regional service to many American cities for almost four decades now. Over the years, they’ve expanded their services as they’ve formed partnerships with several other airlines. If your flight plans include stops in Utah, California, or Colorado, Skywest Airlines is there to offer you convenience and efficiency. When it comes to innovation, Skywest Airlines is in the forefront of the regional airlines. Here are some useful facts you can use when you organize your next trip.

In 1972 when Ralph Atkin started Skywest Airlines in Utah only two cities were served: St. George and Salt Lake City. Frequent business travelers between these two cities were their primary clientele. Over the years, Skywest has formed partnerships with several larger airlines, including United, Delta, Air Tran and, most recently, Alaska Airlines, and it has greatly increased its flights and destinations, now serving over 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Through these partnerships, the U.S. cities in the West Coast, Mid-West and Southwest regions are served. After its small start forty years ago, Skywest now provides almost 1500 departures daily.

Skywest Airlines has recently added Alaska Airlines to the group of airlines it works with. Now you can enjoy flights in and around Alaska as well as to places like Portland, Oregon, British Columbia, and Seattle, Washington. The partnership between the two airlines commenced in May, 2011. In addition to their numerous flights in the Western part of the U.S. and Alaska, Alaska Airlines offers special packages to such vacation destinations as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; four of the Islands of Hawaii; Disneyland in California; and a Whistler Ski Packages – which was the site for many of the 2010 Winter Olympics events. Alaska Airlines is now one of five partners that Skywest Airlines works with, giving passengers more options when it comes to booking regional flights.

Skywest partners with Delta and United, two major airlines, it’s true, but it also purchased another regional airline, Atlantic Southeast, in 2005. Atlantic Southeast Airlines has a large website that keeps people updated on its latest offerings and those of its partners. Whereas Skywest Airlines caters to passengers who need to fly in the Western U.S., Atlantic Southeast serves those with travel plans in the Midwest and the Southeast sections of America. Skywest is Atlantic Southeast Airlines’ parent company. Skywest purchased ExpressJet in November of 2010, which made ExpressJet a subsidiary of Atlantic Southeast. ExpressJet flies to such divers locations as San Antonio, Texas and Sacramento, California. Between Skywest Airlines and its partners, you will find an incredible number of options when you put together your next flight using the regional airlines.

Skywest Airiness, as we’ve seen in this article, has been doing an impressive job at providing regional flights to passengers over the last few decades. If you only need to fly to the major cities served by airlines like Delta and United, they would be your best choice. However, if you want to go to the small cities that the major airlines ignore, you will be happy you discovered the regional airlines. Atlantic Southeast, ExpressJet, and all of its partners, allows Skywest Airlines to fill the needs of passengers who prefer to travel between the local, regional airfields.

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