Sightseeing at Agistri

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Agistri Island is located 45 minutes off the port of Piraeus which has a daily shuttle operating between the island and the port.

On completing the journey one will find a small scenic island, with undisturbed forestation and stunning blue hues of the sea. Agistri also boasts of several other locations that tourists can visit on their stop at the Island.


The most popular beach on Agistri island is the Skala beach. This beach is near the main village with the same name, Skala..

This is particularly due to its shallow waters which render it a safe destination for families with young kids as well as for people who are not familiar with swimming. Being the most popular, it houses several services for tourist, and there are sun beds, umbrellas and many other items available for hire, for the convenience of the tourist. It is also overlooked by a big church and many tourists visit this during their travel.

Tourists who prefer to shed their inhibitions and support naturism have the option of visiting the nudist Halikadha beach at Agistri Island. Almost all tourists can expect to be satisfied with their holiday with the number of options available at Agistri

Boat Trips to Surrounding Islands:

There are various small islands around Agistri which do not have any inhabitants, but are visited by tourists to Agistri Island. Special boats operate between the islands of Metopi, Darousa, Spalathronisi and Kira, where tourists can undertake snorkeling and swimming around the shores. Diving courses of differing levels are also available to tourists

Historical Sites:

The famous chapels namely Agioi Pandes and Agioi Theodoroi are surrounded by lush forestation.

These are one of the oldest buildings standing on the island and visitors can learn more about the history of Agistri from these chapels than anywhere else. The Virgin Mary Church at Metochi can be accessed via a trekking path which offers a stunning view of nature along the way.

Several other historical churches are found on this island.

To learn more about this Greek Island, search for Agistri Images


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