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Sicily is one of Italy’s most endearing regions – no doubt about that. Somehow, you can never say you’ve been to Italy unless you’ve been to the island region of Sicily. However, life in this Italian region will be a whole different experience compared to coming there as a tourist. There are many things that you need to get used to with your new found life in Sicily.

One thing you will have to get used to is that personal space does not exist in Sicily. Sicilians aren’t disrespectful. Not recognizing an individual’s personal space is just something that they’re used to. When passing through crowds, squeezing in to them won’t be a bother and you don’t even need to excuse yourself. If you can’t get through however, you can excuse yourself. Also , you don’t have to say you’re sorry if you bump into locals – unless you hurt them, of course.

You may also find that driving through Sicily’s roads is a headache, especially if you got used to proper spacing between cars. While living in Sicily, you will notice that cars occupy four lanes even though a road only has two. Cars can also get too close to each other, with very little space in between them. Having a driving class is an option if you want to learn more about how driving is in Sicily. Driving lessons in Sicily may last for up to two years.

Another thing that you will have to get used to in Sicily is that greetings are important. This is quite odd considering the fact that personal space isn’t an issue for the locals. When engaging with Sicilians, saying hello or greeting them a good morning or evening will get you far. “Ciao” is a more personal way of saying “hi” and is only to be used when greeting small children or people you’ve known for some time.As for eating out, Sicilians also play under different rules.

Don’t be surprised if you see Sicilians eating their breakfast or lunch at a bar while standing up. It is a normal way of eating in Sicily if there aren’t any seats available. Another thing you might notice is that at bars, you won’t see any lines. Simply mingle with other people making their orders, remember the person ahead of you, and make your orders immediately after the person ahead of you finishes ordering up.

Traveling around the world for most of his life, the author has been seeing the world on his terms. Having toured all of Sicily he can easily tell you the best things to do in Sicily. He has lived in Sicily, Buenos Aires, Toronto, and other cities as well. The island has incredible things to see and many travel blogs online will share with you all of the amazing things that you can do on the island. Remember stay safe!


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