See The Sights From A Deck On A Cruise And Stay Holiday

June 12, 2011   Filed under Travel

These days a modern cruise ship has so many amenities on board that it’s hard to imagine every being bored. Certainly there is plenty of your usual leisure choices: cinemas, shopping, and dining options; but there are also many other innovative or extreme activities to choose from too. Of course, while there is so much to enjoy on board on cruise holidays, the destinations you’ll stop at along the way also provide a lot of entertainment and excitement. But what about the things you get to see from the ship itself before you even call into port?

With cruise and stay deals that let you explore so many exciting parts of the world, you’ll find yourself as inspired by your time on board as you will by the places you visit on dry land, and the sights you’re able to see without even leaving the deck can be enjoyed in the very best of comfort and style.

Some cruise lines offer Arctic itineraries, which will take you to otherwise inaccessible parts of Antarctica. This is an incredibly stunning corner of the world, yet most of us can’t see it – unless we take a cruise. From the safety and comfort of the ship you can admire the breathtaking landscape of ice, and perhaps even the wild animals which inhabit it.

The Panama Canal is a man-made creation, but one of the most incredible engineering successes in the world, which took decades to build. This 50-mile shipping passage joins the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and is certainly a sight to behold. And you can – if you take a cruise on the Panama route. There are certain ships which are designed to take this route, so you can stand on board and experience this mind-boggling work of man.

Of course, often the most amazing sights are when you are heading to your next port, especially if you’ve just had a few days at sea. Watching a Caribbean island, or perhaps the Statue of Liberty come into view will be something you’re unlikely to forget.

Claire Collins writes about the best cruise ships and destiantions.


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