SeaWorld Gold Coast – One Stop For Your Unlimited Fun And Excitement

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The gold coast is one of the favorite holiday places for the locals and even for the foreign travelers. No matter whether you’re single, a couple, a family or a business group, you could always find accommodation which is just perfect for you.A visit to the Gold Coast will include a trip to the beaches and the many different theme parks like SeaWorld.It is a renowned marine attraction which you can find in the Gold Coast and is packed with several animal displays, unique activities and breathtaking rides for every individual in the family.

a) Penguin Encounter: You would be able to see the King Penguins, the Fairy Penguins and the Gentoo on the rock formations and also a crystal clear pool.You could have the very best views through the elevated or the underwater viewing areas. This is one of the only places wherein you could find all three types of penguins together.

b) Polar Bear Shores: Playful and lovely polar bear cubs move around in a specially created environment which resembles the natural tundra habitation. Viewers would be capable of seeing these large animals as they explore their habitat through the submerged windows.

c) Shark Bay: This is considered to be the world’s greatest man-made lagoon which houses several other varieties of sharks.There are even two levels through which people will be capable of seeing these sharks, the above water level and the below water level. This would help people to experience coming face to face with real live sharks, sting rays and other incredible tropical fish.

The other attractions at SeaWorld Gold coast comprise of a dolphin nursery, fairy penguin point and the display area of rays.With their interactive exhibit of the all animal display area, educational opportunities would be offered for kids and the other guests.Rides Sea Viper: it is one of SeaWorld’s latest versions of the roller coaster which sports a low profile carriage which blast through triple loop tracks.

Sesame Street Beach:You can be sure that your young ones will surely love the rides in Sesame Street Beach. The rides here are influenced by the classic show Sesame Street and all the rides here include characters from this show. The Rides which you will be able to find here include Bert and Ernie’s Big Dive, Oscar’s Sweep the Beach, Elmo’s Sea Subs, Big Bird Bounce, Zoe’s Sub Splash and Cookie Monster’s Cup Carousel. is a company that specialises in offering luxury holiday apartments and executive homes at affordable prices on Australia’s Gold Coast. They have a large variety of apartments in many popular Surfers Paradise and other Gold Coast resorts. If you are planning for a Gold Coast holiday, visit the site today and get the best deals!


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