Save Cash On Your Hotel Bills

May 12, 2011   Filed under Travel

When travelling, hotel bills make up for the bulk of your expenses. If you don’t need your trip to be very expensive, then making savings on hotel bills is a complete must. Here is how it’s possible for you to go about it.

Saving on your hotel bill is not as complicated as it may seem. Actually there are 1 or 2 simple basics that alone will help you save a good deal. First of them is to pack light. Of course, you can take your favourite anti acne product like the Exposed Skin Care System along but you can simply skip out on the additional cosmetics. When you pack light, you manifestly do not need a bellboy to drag your complete luggage.

One other thing to remember is not to make use of the hotel telephone. These are usually costly and can add to your hotel bills. Use your personal telephone to make any calls and keep a track of your calls. This would surely assist you in saving money.

One thing that many of us ignore is that when you place order via maid service, there are extra service charges for a similar. Try and avoid that when possible. You can either use the hotel eaterie or go out for eating. This would give you an opportunity to explore the city along with saving cash.

Quite often, hotel bills rise simply because of something as simple as parking charges. Parking charges may appear really nominal but clubbed over a period of few days can mean a sizeable amount. Therefore it’d be a brilliant idea to go in for a hotel that offers free valet parking or charges smaller parking rates.

The fifth thing, you may get allured to make use of the fitness centre of your hotel. Well, if you don’t wish to pay more for the hotel gym you should drop the idea of it. You have got to know that most of the hostels charge about $35 each day for the gymnasium. But, this does not mean you become a slacker. You have to take your gymnastic videos along and exercise in your room instead.

The 6th smart course of action is to take some entertainment for yourself. This would be useful in cutting down on the hotel bills. You can carry some books along ; do carry your spectacles too. You may also carry your favorite CDs with you.

These straightforward steps of awareness shall help you save rather a lot of money, let’s say about 40 percent.

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