Safety Tips For Your Holiday Getaway

July 6, 2011   Filed under Destination

Traveling to different countries and experiencing new cultures and traditions is an unforgettable experience. Visiting foreign countries gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of a new country and visit the sights the country is famous for. When travelling abroad, however, safety should be your first priority.

You need to make sure that your holiday is both safe and enjoyable which is why it’s important to plan ahead and prepare for any eventuality. Your transport arrangements is the first point you need to consider. The easy targets of pickpockets in airports, bus, and train stations are the travelers who are not concentrating on their belongings or looking for the right platform.

Keep your important documents like your passport and tickets on you – either in a belt bag or a pouch around your neck. When it comes to your money, you should also keep it out of sight and make sure it’s safely secured. You should have good quality luggage and keep it locked and mark it clearly. You also need to keep it with you at all times and don’t leave it out of your sight.

Check with a security, police officer, or at information which taxis are safe to use when you arrive at your destination. Sharing your taxi with a stranger is a big mistake and also avoid using public transportation late at night. Another thing you should avoid altogether is hitchhiking.

Take not of the locations of the emergency exits and read the evacuation instructions when you check into your hotel. Properly lock the door of your room and don’t let strangers in. Even if the people you just met seem friendly, you still shouldn’t invite them to your room.

Items you should bring for your holiday should help you blend with the locals. Standing out and being more like a tourist may cause you to be an easy target. Your expensive jewelry should be left at home and your gadgets such as mobile phones and cameras should be attached to your body or out of sight.

Using your credit card most of the time is a good time when you travel locally. Pickpockets and thieves will target you if you use cash. It would be preferable to use travelers’ checks and credit cards when you travel internationally but for tips and taxi fares, you may need small sums of cash. When using your credit card, make sure you can see the card being swiped – credit card fraud is rife around the world. If you stay alert and are aware that there are criminals who specifically seek out tourists, you will have an enjoyable holiday that will be safe as well.

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