Really Get Away From It All In Newport Beach

December 11, 2011   Filed under Travel

Americans are not at the top of the global list when it comes to taking time off. So when the opportunity finally arrives, heading out to enjoy fun in the sea and surf is a very popular choice. Newport Beach provides everything a tired employee needs to rekindle their creative spirit.

The island paradise and the South East are attractive, but the humidity can drain the body, while Southern California provides dryer soothing warmth. The number of creepy crawling things one has to deal with is also less, which is great because bugs in your suntan oil is distressing.

Hollywood has especially helped locations gain popularity and lyrics to songs like California girls have contributed to the attractiveness. The unique weather patterns create a superb place to enjoy the outdoors, with rain a limited occurrence, and snow pretty much relegated to the mountains. While not a huge city, Newport provides nearly ten miles of pristine ocean front entertainment areas, with beautiful sand called some of the cleanest in the United States.

After a day full of sunning, swimming or surfing, everyone gets hungry, and some ravenous. Restaurants are plentiful and are available for any type of food one can imagine. Fine dining is available, as well as home style or even saloon fare if that is the preference. With the convenience of the internet, arranging reservations is simple, and can be done in seconds in the morning or just before arrival, space limited of course.

For entertainment the whole family can enjoy, two world famous attractions, Disneyland and Sea world are easy drives, though the return trip is usually harder because everyone is exhausted. Golfing is also a popular and easy to find pastime, with courses all over the area and the climate to enjoy it.

Three museums, sports, nautical, and art provide the opportunity for an entertaining and informative outing. For those who want their surf even after dark, there are cruises, dining ships or even moonlight kayaking for interesting diversions. For animal lovers, the outstanding San Diego zoo is only a couple of hours drive south.

Your vacation in Newport Beach will include days filled with entertainment and wonder, and nights complete with your choice of dining and fun. A true and total change of pace, which is exactly what a getting away from it all is supposed to be. Americans can enjoy their time off, and return truly recharged and ready to take on the competition.

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