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An adventure honeymoon is perfect for couples who want a thing a lot more than a tropical beach honeymoon. In case you and your fianc prefer taking a hike in the mountains to crashing in front of the tv, than an adventure honeymoon could be the appropriate choice for you.

The good news is the fact that adventure honeymoons are becoming additional well-known for active couples. For these couples, romance is about connecting while meeting a challenge together or relaxing at the finish of each day that’s been packed with excitement and new experiences. If this sounds far more like you than a honeymoon exactly where you’ll be pampered and waited on by an accommodating resort staff, consider preparing your ideal adventure honeymoon! Here’s how:

Strike Your Best Balance: The important to preparing the perfect adventure honeymoon is usually to assess what you and your fianc want to do and expertise. So communication is crucial so you both get your demands met with out any misunderstandings. Do not expect your partner to know what you would like from your honeymoon. What combination of adventure and pampering do you prefer? What mix of activities would you like to have every day? There are lots of combinations that will meet your wants. You can go scuba diving and parasailing through the day and get pleasure from a couple’s massage inside the evening. If you’re at a mountain resort, you may go hiking and zip-lining by way of the canopy throughout the day and soak in a hot tub at night.

Do the Research: When you have a few adventure honeymoon locations in mind, do some research on the activities you have an interest in. What adventures can you have in Belize or Morocco? Are there fun things to do in Sweden or New Zealand? What sights are there to see in Rome or Paris? Yes, you can turn the exploration of the side streets of historic European cities into an adventure honeymoon! You can have an adventure honeymoon most anywhere. Check out travel websites, books, and blogs for each location to see what it might hold for you and your fianc during the greatest vacation of your lives!

Want Recommendations? Here are some of the best adventure honeymoon destinations:
Australia: There is no better diving than at the Great Barrier Reef.
Colorado: Hike the Rocky Mountains, above 8,000 feet, without leaving the country.
Costa Rica: The Caribbean side is ideal for deep sea fishing.
Hawaii: Learn to surf and indulge in other non-stop water sports.
Italy: Bike through Tuscany and enjoy the hill-towns, food, wine, and culture.

Mexico: Swim with dolphins and interact with these intelligent animals.
New Zealand: Go bungee, jet boating, black water cave rafting, and helicopter onto glaciers. Ideal for the adrenalin junkie.
Peru: Take a strenuous hike up to the ruins of Muchu Piccho.
Sweden: Sleep in an ice hotel on ice beds, and warm up with drinks at the ice bar.
Switzerland: The Swiss Alps are truly a skier’s paradise.
Tanzania: Interested in a wildlife safari? Then the Serengeti is the place for you.

Set-Up Your Honeymoon Registry: A honeymoon registry can make planning the perfect adventure honeymoon so much easier. If you’re like most engaged couples, you don’t need a whole lot of dinnerware or pots and pans to outfit your home. You probably have most of what you need already. So why register for more household goods when you can register for a honeymoon instead? It’s not the most traditional of ideas, but it makes sense for couples who want to have an unforgettable honeymoon.

When you set up a honeymoon registry with Honeymoon Pixie, your wedding guests and loved ones can contribute towards the amazing adventures you’ll have on your honeymoon. Whether you want to learn to scuba dive, ski down a mountain, or see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a honeymoon registry can let your guests in on exactly what you would like to do on your honeymoon. They can help provide the fun memories that will last you a lifetime!

So even if you are having a white-dress, white-cake, “Here Comes the Bride” wedding, don’t be afraid to break from the norm by getting an adventure honeymoon!

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