Phuket Thai Boxing

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The action packed sport of Thai boxing is Thailand’s local sport that is fast gaining popularity in the international sporting arena. This exciting form of martial arts is one of the nation’s most loved events that are attended by crowds of locals and tourists looking for an exciting time of fun and entertainment. Locally known as Muay Thai, Thai boxing can be best experienced in Phuket at the Patong Boxing Stadium which is located along Sai Namyen Road. The stadium comes alive with crowds of chattering folks, loud cries of support and vibrant music as the boxing match unfolds with much excitement and vigour.

It is said that the art of Thai boxing goes back to the 15th century originating from the nation’s war period with the Burmese. There are several rituals performed prior to the beginning of a match. The fighters who are involved in a match engage in a traditional pre-fight type of dance that is known as the ‘Ram Muay.’ During the dance, the fighter wears a special headband earned after much training from the master. The dance involves the fighter bowing 3 times before their master in a show of appreciation and respect. Once the opening ceremony is over, the action begins in the ring.

Every Thai boxing match is made up of 5 rounds that each last 3 minutes. All body parts except for the head are considered to be fair targets during the fight. The sounds of drums and cymbals, along with other instruments, add a frenzied musical accompaniment to the happenings in the ring. The music drops or heightens depending on what is taking place in the fight.

Various areas in Phuket display a pre-meditated Thai boxing show for tourists. If you are looking to experience the real art of the sport, be sure to visit the Patong Boxing Stadium in Phuket.

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