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Peru has many attractions, so if you don't need to go to the most well-liked ones like Machu Picchu and the alike, there are still things for you to do and things for you to see. There are many historic locations if you want to choose a less popular one, also the scenery is amazing in the rain forests around Peru or you could try fishing in the streams. There is so much that you can choose from, do not be concerned about finding something to do.

In Lambayeque, around 25 years back the crypt of the Lord of Sipan was excavated. The Lord of Sipan was one of the most important figures in Peru around 1,700 years back. Now the artifacts from the crypt is in a museum dedicated to the lord. The artifacts are composed of jewels, emblems and ornaments to rare pottery and more.

Mancora and Tumbes are 2 towns in northerly Peru. They are close to the boarder with Ecuador. There are nice beaches, amazing bed and breakfasts and top resorts there. You can go out to the excellent trattorias, go kite surfing and a ton more. If you like historic areas, visit the Pyramids of Tacume, which have 26 pyramids and mounds.

A trip to Peru would not be acceptable without seeing some of the Amazon rainforests. One of the finest places to see is the Pacaya-Samiria reserve, which is one of the biggest protected places in Peru. IF you like you can camp in one of the reservations, go fishing, do some photography, or simply see the scenery or some of the animals. There are more than 500 species of birds, 100 mammals, 50 reptiles, 250 fish species and over 1000 plant species to look for while you are there.

Top Swimmer in Peru

There are plenty of great swimmers in Peru. One of the finest swimmers around is Johnny Bello. He was top in all four styles and even went to the Olympic Games. He has won multiple gongs in South American events along with winning others in his time. He's now on multiple swimming committees to help to keep everything in check.

Soccer, known to the U.S. As soccer: is a big sport in Peru. One of the serious players is Teofilo Cubillas, who is one of the best. He has scored 10 goals in World Cup play, and over 500 goals in all. He has been in multiple top 100 lists over the course of time two of which are the FIFA and the IFFFHS. Another top sport in Peru is valley ball. One of the best players of all is Cecilia Tait. Known to several she has played in multiple Olympic Games, one of which she won a silver gong and has been inducted into the Valley Ball Hall of Fame. She currently presides in the Peruvian congress.

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