Packing Your Bags For An Amazing Adventure Travel

January 6, 2012   Filed under Travel

Do you get tired of spending all of your vacations with your family? Are you tired of being made to feel selfish because you want to do something else on your vacation besides sit on a couch and stare at your parents’ television? Getting over the guilt can be hard. At the same time, why should you get to take a vacation you enjoy once in a while? Why not have an adventure on your next vacation? Heck, you might even be able to fit in weekend adventure treks and still have time to spend with your parents looking through the old photos (again). Here are some adventure travels that you might enjoy.

It may be hard to believe, some cruises are classified as adventure travels. Some available cruises have target destinations, such as Europe or the Greek Isles, which can be excellent ways to journey out and acquire information about the great moments in history and touring historical locations. Don’t you want to see first-hand the location of the first Olympic games? Don’t you want to tour Stonehenge? There are many options to keep you active while on the boat. These cruises generally have various options for staying busy – like rock climbing and sea diving. There is more to a cruise than lying on the lido deck! Dude Ranches can be amazing adventures for the whole family. The Ponderosa Ranch in Nebraska provides you with a laborious ranch vacation.

It is similar to extreme camping and can give you a natural high. If you like extreme adventure travels, why not think about climbing into a hot air balloon and going somewhere? How about doing some white water rafting? Have you thought about trying Bungee jumping? Some people are stimulated with a rush of excitement from skydiving. Of course, there are various locations around the world you can do this. With an extreme adventure vacation however, you can go skydiving over the Grand Canyon. Climb in a hot air balloon and take an excursion over the Australian outback. When you decide to become an extremist the world becomes your playground. For individuals interested in extreme vacations, India is notorious for paragliding. Why not give that a whirl?

Try out a Llama Trek! Anybody can go horseback riding. Hurricane Creek Llama Treks in Oregon are a great way to have some wacky adventure travels without having to leave the country. During these treks, you camp outdoors and you are responsible for bringing your own equipment (and setting it up/taking it down) and packing and unpacking your llama bags. These types of adventure travels are great because they let you choose–you can either ride your llama or walk the trails yourself and lead the llama with you. When else over the course of your life will you be able to say that you’ve gone llama riding?

There are countless ways an “adventure travel” can be defined. For some people it includes crazy adventures, like hiking the highest mountains in the world or experiencing extreme climate conditions. For others it involves challenges they do not face in everyday life like driving cattle, hiking different terrain, etc. Still for other people, adventure travels include learning new stuff, while still having a peaceful journey. To summarize: it doesn’t matter what kind of interests you have, you should be able to find an adventure vacation meant for you!

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