Not Just For Plain White Diamonds Any More: the Modern Eternity Ring

December 25, 2011   Filed under Travel

Diamonds are indisputably beautiful, and few rings are as striking as eternity designs. Despite size and style limitations, there are many variations of eternities to choose from, so long as the couple acknowledges the ultimate purpose of the ring: to celebrate the eternity they hope to share with a love as unending as a circle of diamonds.

The diamond you purchase to appreciate in value as an easily liquidated asset when times get tough can be sold loose later and the mounting can be reset with appropriate colored gem or traded in for its metal value. The lost absorbed in the last case will be rather insignificant compared to the opportunity of wearing your diamond for years.

Eternity rings are most commonly set with diamonds. Other stones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are also popular choices, but diamonds are the undisputed favorite. The shape of the stones is as important as the type of stone, with oblong or square stones usually being preferred to round. Square or rectangular cut stones are easier to set end to end around a band, making them perfect for eternity rings.

If the woman likes wearing many rings, it is best to choose a wedding ring which isn’t very dominant and leaves space for other rings. Brides who don’t plan on wearing additional rings should receive a more prominent looking wedding band.

A diamond eternity ring is perceived as the perfect symbol of everlasting and eternal love. The eternity ring is either half way or full diamond studded. Although the full one looks better and it is the only one that can be rightfully called diamond eternity ring, it has few disadvantages: It is more expensive, some types of setting may produce discomfort between the fingers and using bigger stones require fairly high settings. However the level on which a woman will start to feel discomfort is very individual.

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