Machu Picchu Trips Provide World Class Memories

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Machu Picchu trips are trips of a lifetime for many people who make them. This is a location that has become even more popular since being named one of the wonders of the world. Visiting the site makes it easy to imagine what life in Peru was like five hundred years ago.

What many people do not realize is that Peru is a large country and that it isn’t always quick to travel from one place to another. It’s a good idea to plan around a week for getting to Machu Picchu, even if you don’t want to trek there. If you do want to trek, you’ll need a bit more time.

Most of the time, you’ll need a day or two just to arrive at Cusco, from where all trips to Machu Picchu start. Once you get there, you’ll need time to get used to the altitude, which is very high. There are lots of things to do in this area as you are acclimating.

You’ll probably be happiest if you do not try rushing through the time you have in the Cusco area. The city on its own is a great location to spend several days just enjoying the vibe of it and also the many restaurants and museums. The countryside around it, particularly the Sacred Valley, is especially beautiful.

To get to Machu Picchu, you will need to either trek or take the train. For treks, you will need at least four days unless you are taking the short Inca Trail which is just two. Even for the train, it’s good to take two days so that you can travel to the nearby town one day and then visit the site the next.

If you’ve got more time to give to your vacation, this can be combined with other trips around Southern Peru. Locations that can be included are the Nazca Lines, Arequipa, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca. With sufficient time, you could also plan on visiting the jungle for a few days.

Machu Picchu trips can be done in as short as a week or, in combination with other locations, one can plan a vacation of several weeks. The most important place to visit when traveling to Peru will be this world wonder. Beyond that, it’s really just a question of the amount of time you have available and your individual interests.

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