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November 20, 2011   Filed under Travel

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most visited section. Here, visitors will find the Canyon View Information Plaza, which provides a wealth of information about the canyon’s history as well as a popular bookstore. The Information Plaza is also a jump-off place for shuttles which take visitors to various trails and locations. The South Rim is generally the most accessible area of the Grand Canyon, although in the winter heavy snow may prevent visitors from reaching the area.

Seeing the Grand Canyon on a mule is another popular way to tour. Available in one, two or three day trips, there is nothing quite like viewing the amazing scenery on the back of a pack mule. With pre-arranged stops, catered meals and competent, fully-trained tour guides, a mule tour is a safe and original way to venture into the canyon. Great for animal lovers and adventurers alike, this type of tour offers the chance to see things the casual visitor would miss.

The tour companies in and around Las Vegas offer Grand Canyon tours with just about any mode of transportation you can imagine. Horseback rides into the canyon, boat tours inside the canyon, ATV and SUV tours around the rim of the canyon – the possibilities are limitless. For added thrills, many companies will allow you to combine several different aspects of transportation into one unique, tailor-made tour. Group discounts are offered almost universally, and each tour has its own perks and benefits.

If you opt for a daytime Grand Canyon helicopter tour, be sure to inquire about one that touches down on the canyon floor. The thrill of descending by helicopter onto the floor of the Grand Canyon is nearly unmatched. Many companies also offer the ability to have lunch or dinner while inside the canyon.

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place to visit. The beauty, history and natural wonders of this area combine to make the Grand Canyon a true wonder of the world. From busses to boats and helicopters to mules, there are plenty of tours available for people from any walk of life. When a Grand Canyon tour is coupled with a visit to Las Vegas, the excitement increases ten-fold!

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