Is Tokyo The Ideal Vacation?

June 3, 2011   Filed under Travel

One thing that most people enjoy doing is traveling. There are many places you can go on your vacation. You can drive to your Aunt Matilda’s house for the week, or you can make a journey across the country to visit Disneyland. While these vacations are certainly enjoyable, you won’t get quite the excitement of traveling abroad.

You can choose from many different countries in the world to visit. When most people travel abroad for the first time, they choose a country that is relatively safe and similar to their home country. Namely, where English is widely spoken. This makes things easy if they get into trouble. However, if you really want to experience some amazing traveling experience, we recommend that you visit somewhere that English barely exists. Tokyo is one such place.

First of all, Tokyo is a world class city. You can expect first rate hotels and restaurants. You will treated like royalty, as the hospitality industry in Japan prides itself on it’s world class customer service. All your needs with be met, and you won’t want for anything.

One more reason why so many people love Tokyo is the public transportation system. The taxis are clean and comfortable, and the subways are safe and always on time. You will not find a public transportation system in the world that rival’s that of Tokyo.

Temples are another reason people visit Tokyo. This is something many people don’t think about when they think about Tokyo, but the temples are everywhere. From large to small, you can see temples in between shopping malls and next to large department stores. No matter where you are, you can slip in for a bit of relaxing self contemplation. Something every traveler needs.

Of course, everybody should check out a Sumo match while in Japan. This tradition goes back hundreds of years, and is a combination of sport and religious rite. The players are held in high regard, and when you witness a live match, you will see what I’m talking about.

Naturally, Tokyo is one of the must see cities in the world. You’ll experience the time of your life, and will come back a changed person.

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