Interesting Information About Alaska Airlines You Should Know

June 11, 2011   Filed under Travel

You don’t have to look far to find good justification for flying on Alaska Airlines – whether you’re going to Canada, traveling the West Coast of the U.S., or vacationing in Alaska. Not only does this airline offer a large number of flights around these regions, but they have earned a great reputation for providing passengers with a high level of comfort and convenience when traveling, whether coach or first class. This article will explain many of the beneficial features you will receive if you book your next flight on Alaska Airlines.

This airline does not only go to Alaska, but also travels to a multitude of destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Traveling to the East Coast and the central United States is also on the destination list when flying on Alaska Airlines. Using Alaska Airlines for your West Coast or Alaskan trips is a no-brainer regardless of where you are originating from. Traveling across the nation is no problem with this airline, even if your destination is simply going to Alaska.

More people are discovering the many attractions offered in Alaska and, if you’re considering taking an Alaska Airlines flight, you may want to time your trip according to the weather. The peak months to visit Alaska are between May and September, when it’s not only warmer, but you have extra daylight hours. Longer hours of daylight in the summer and shorter hours of daylight in the winter are what you’ll experience as you travel northwards in this huge state.

Be sure to check out Alaska Airlines’ Vacation packages when you’re ready to book your next vacation. You will save a “bundle” of money! You can often get packages that include airfare, hotel, free show tickets and other benefits. You can find many vacations, and not only to Alaska, but to destinations as diverse as Disneyland, Las Vegas, Mexico and Hawaii If you want really good bargains, consider purchasing one of Alaska Airlines’ packages. You’ll save money and the package can include, besides your flight, your hotel, 2-for-1 deals, complimentary tickets to local events, and more, depending on your destination. Make sure to join the Mileage Plan offered by Alaska Airlines before you book your flight or package online. Each person in your party will earn you bonus points that you can use for many different things, as well as towards future flights.

This will give you early access to any special offers and promotions, and will also alert you to any delays or other news of interest to fliers. Besides social media, the online community called FlyerTalk is a great resource for air travelers. You can find the answer to many questions directly from employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air.

All in all, Alaska Airlines isn’t huge, but it takes good care of its customers and flies you to a lot of convenient locations, in North America, Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico. While the name might lead you to assume that they’re mainly focused on Alaska, the fact is you can get to places as diverse as Mexico and Hawaii on this airline, so they’re worth considering for your next vacation.

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