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Syracuse is one of the oldest continually inhabited places in all of Italy. Archaeologists place the first settlement in Syracuse at around 800 BC which makes Syracuse nearly three thousand years old. Today, Syracuse is a small town with a population of only about 120,000.

There are various tourist attractions in Syracuse that speak volumes about the rich historical tradition of the place. We have listed some interesting things to do in Syracuse below.

The Cathedral in Syracuse that stands today in place of a 5th century Greek temple is the oldest of its kind in Italy. This Cathedral is a suitable spot to start the tour of Syracuse which is normally open to public and which is located in the center of Syracuse.

The Paulo Orsi Archaeology Museum is dedicated to exhibiting archaeological artefacts unearthed not only from Syracuse, but further a field. In fact this museum is believed to have probably the most extensive and amusing collection of both Roman and Greek artefacts anywhere in Italy. This museum in Syracuse is open daily and admission costs 4.50.

The Syracuse Neapolis Archaeological Park is a great excavation site that explains the nature of life in Syracuse in the early Roman period.

You can roam about the site at your will if you pay an entrance fee of 4.50 Euro. The main landmark of this site is the Greek theatre that dates back to the 5th century BC.

There is a 2000-year old Roman amphitheatre that would have been used for gladiatorial wars.

As the name would indicate, this museum is dedicated to showcasing art from the medieval period right up to modern day contemporary art.

There is a focus on regional art though you can find quite a broad-based combination in this museum in Syracuse which has an excellent collection of sculptures as well as paintings.

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