How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flight Instructor

January 29, 2012   Filed under Travel

Every skill in this world requires an instructor. Even those so-called “self-taught” needed a teacher to guide them and that is a book or any resource which they use as reference for practice. Flight training is not an exception as well. Every student pilot has at his disposal a certified flight instructor who is ready to guide him through the path of learning how to fly.

One should always keep in mind then that the CFI is the best source of information that they have next to their books and perhaps online articles. As an important resource, every student pilot should be able to find ways to take full advantage of the CFI’s knowledge and experience as we mentioned earlier. Doing that is actually easier than you have thought and once you get the most out of your flight instructor, you can be certain that your chances of earning the private pilot certificate are high.

Get Post Flight Debriefings

Post flight debriefings are some of the most overlooked items by every student pilot. Truth is, in order to make the most out of your flight instructor, you must secure post flight debriefings so he can give you an assessment of your skills. This will help you spot your weak points and thus enable you to work on them.

Ask Some Questions

Asking questions is very important. Most student pilots overlook this in their impatience to start flying. If they don’t ask questions, they risk being confused which will consume time later on in the air as your instructor repeats what he has just told you in ground school. The time you consumed could have been used otherwise in teaching you what you really want to do: to fly.

Listen to What Your Instructor Says in the Air

Lastly, when you’re up in the air with your flight instructor, always make sure that you take in everything that he is teaching you. This will speed up your learning, and thus bring you closer to that private pilot checkride and, subsequently, your private pilot certificate.

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