How Firefighting is Unique in Other Countries

February 4, 2012   Filed under Travel

Firefighting is not unique to America. Each and every nation in the world has fires, cardiac arrests and car accidents. We sometimes forget that in the day to day grind. An experienced organized force of men and ladies are on standby in every country for when these events take place. They may be organized differently, or appear just a little strange, but their purpose is the exact same as ours right here in the United States. To save lives.

Canada organizes their Fire service extremely similarly to ours. All municipal departments are operated by the public. Some private fire departments do exist, but mainly on big private industry property. Like us, a government run fire service is in charge of all military bases and there are lots of volunteers in rural areas. They also have particular teams designated for wildfire and coastal search and rescue missions.

According to Croatian federal law, all firefighting responsibilities are totally left up to municipalities. Not just that, but volunteers and careers are held to the same standards. They answer to different governing bodies but the principles are exactly the same. They must make it to the scene whether their earning a paycheck or not, or face possible legal repercussions. That law is generally reserved for professional firefighters here within the U.S. During the summer Croatia recruits a lot of additional part time firefighters for wildfires. Their military also has specialized firefighting forces.

French firefighter’s are paid-per-session. It’s considered a higher calling there along with a excellent way to separate your self from the general citizenry. They function in shifts after traditional working hours and can be found in the volunteer stations into the long hours of the night, preparing for upcoming calls. It’s like a second job that only pays whenever you get to see some action. This means some shifts stay all night at the station and don’t get a dime, then they get up and go to regular jobs in the morning. They also have wholly paid departments within the bigger cities.

You know how in America the Fire Department is a “para-military” organization? Similar to the military in a few ways, but still a separate entity? Yea you can forget about that if you head to Brazil. The military and fire service are one in the same. How would you like it if someone walked in the firehouse tomorrow and handed you shipping orders? I’ll pass on Brazil’s method, I hear they have nice beaches though.

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