How are Hotels Rating?

June 26, 2011   Filed under Hotel

There are certain groups of people who travel on a frequent basis. For example, retirees like to take holidays to countries and resorts they dreamed of visiting in their working life. Many professionals to are required to travel to meet clients and to attend more formal business meetings. Accommodation is, of course, a crucial element of any holiday and the good news is that thanks to the industry being as competitive as it is, there are more and more features being made available for prospective guests.

There are a range of types of hotels such as budget, luxury, airport and convention. However, they are more importantly classified by their star rating. The criteria for this star rating includes customer service, location, facilities and cost. Commercial hotels tend to be located in the heart of the city due to the type of the customers they are. They are more expensive as they like to travel in comfort and so are willing to pay more.

A number of countries developed the star rating together. It was decided that there needed to be an easy way for travellers to define the quality of a hotel and to quickly assess whether it fit their needs or not. Private agencies or governments decide upon the rating.

Of course, any traveller would opt to stay in a 5* hotel if money were no object, the rating system has worked in that regard. The level of personalised service with this rating is second to none and they have all the features you could want such as a swimming pool, a luxury health club and a gourmet restaurant. There are other features and amenities which are typical of other ratings also. With a 1* hotel, you get only your basic requirements catered for and dining and transport facilities usually see you having to leave the hotel which is fine by many who prefer not to be confined to the hotel anyway.

Knowing in advance what requirements are catered for by hotels you have short-listed for your trip can make your choice far easier. You can get an idea of what service you will get and what facilities will be catered for just by knowing the star rating.

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