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Tucked away in the tail end of the Rockies, this Canadian town is full of charm. Once known for its mining history, settlers determined that they wanted to make their town available to tourists. To capture the hearts and minds of visitors, the community created a quaint town that was open and friendly. Because of the popularity during the main seasons, tourists should choose hotels and accommodations in Kimberley BC that will fit their interests.

As the community determined how to attract tourists, they decided to model the historic downtown after the look of Bavarian villages. The cobblestone paths and classic shops attract visitors that wish to lodge in the historic area. Thus, visitors have several lodgings that are available to them in the historic district.

In the downtown area, there are two main guest accommodations available. Either hotel will provide their guests with an authentic Bavarian stay. Being at the heart of the city, these quarters are surrounded by dining, shopping, and entertainment venues. Downtown is the place to be when looking to enjoy what the city has to offer within its hustle and bustle.

Aside from downtown, there are other nicely appointed housing options. With the top two outdoor activities being skiing and golfing, there is an extremely convenient option which allows direct access to the slopes. The convenience this location offers is exactly what many of these sport enthusiasts desire. With literally no commute time, guests can hit the slopes or putt from the green as soon as they prepare for their day.

For guests that are planning a longer stay, there are many rentals available. Town homes and condominiums are popular for visitors who have larger families or who want a more homey atmosphere. While there are usually rental available year round, it is best for visitors to request information about reservations well before the desired dates. Most rentals come fully furnished and stocked with the basic necessities, thus, food and drinks are often the only need.

Some visitors may prefer a slightly more private accommodation. Kimberley is home to a good number of bed and breakfast establishments. These homes usually hold fewer guests and are geared for a more private stay. The morning meal is also a part of the lodging price. The meal can consist of full breakfast items such as eggs and waffles, or they may offer a simpler fare such as fruits and cheeses. Visitors should inquire about menus when scheduling the visit.

For some tourists, the only way to stay in a town such as this is by communing with nature. There are a good number of camping sites within the town and surrounding areas. Due to their popularity, however, reservations should be made well in advance of the vacation. These sites are located in some of the most beautiful parts of the Rockies. Camping enthusiasts should thoroughly enjoy the lodgings.

No matter which hotels Kimberley and accommodations in Kimberley BC are chosen, it can be assured that the visitor will be treated like a friend. This classic Bavarian setting offers a wide variety of activities, as well as the opportunity to feel like a part of the family. Stopping in Kimberley for a brief stay is worth considering.

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