Holiday At The Beach Coastal City Of Kiama

December 20, 2011   Filed under Travel

Kiama on the New South Wales south coast is another beautiful spot for an Australian holiday. It's a seaside, coastal city and easy to reach with Campervan Hire Sydney. Kiama has it’s own beach, a lighthouse, a wonderful small museum as well as the natural feature it is famous for, the Kiama Blowhole.

Now this is a sight which is definitely worth seeing, so head over to Blowhole Point and take a look. A blowhole takes place when waves surge through into an underground cavity. This in itself is zilch to become thrilled about nonetheless , the waves are compressed and then forced upwards thru a hole in the rocks, resulting in a water and spray erupting high into the air, accompanied by an exceedingly serious noise.

This is rather an provoking sight, grand truly, thought the noise can offer you a fright. The underground cavities and hole were formed naturally and the height and strength of the exploding water is dependant on climatic conditions at any one time. When the wind, waves and tides align, the blowhole can be great and frighteningly loud.

The Kiama Blowhole is claimed to be the largest blowhole in the world and it draws many visitors, being a unique, natural, impressive attraction. Roughly 600,000 folks visit the blowhole annually, drawn by the sight of spectacular plumes of water erupting high into the air and it's been receiving visitors from the early 1900′s.

For the convenience of visitors, a viewing platform has been erected and there is a picnic area beside it too , so you can watch it while you are having lunch, as well as look out over Kiama Harbour. There also are some rock-pools close by to explore, in a blowhole free zone, where you will find all sorts of interesting small sea creatures. It’s a good spot to spend a day.

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