Half Helmet VS DOT Law

January 26, 2012   Filed under Travel

It’s great fun but we know that motorcycling is not always safe. We as motorcyclists know the associated risk we assume once we get on our motorcycle. Do we need law makers deciding on the things we wear? They don’t buy our helmets for us and yet some citizens are forced to buy one to satisfy the law. Perhaps it could be practical to have mandatory D.O.T. requirements if the general public was vulnerable as a result of not wearing one. But is not the case. If we ride without a motorcycle helmet, it’s no one’s risk but our own.

How did the idea of D.O.T. as an authority on helmet safety transpire? Perhaps only because of the fact that it’s one of, if not the oldest helmet rating organization known in the states. Years ago, yes, D.O.T. approved helmets were probably the best available. Technologies have significantly increased over the past several years.

Even though there are smaller, lighter, and better helmets available now. Government still insist on the little D.O.T. approved sticker. Logic tells me the helmet provides the protection, not the sticker on the back. There isn’t anything wrong with wearing a D.O.T. helmet. If I do decide to use a smaller or better made helmet, the decision ought to be mine. Government entities may have their own view about what is a good helmet is, but that should never force our hand on the things we wear.

If I decide to use one, I’d like an American made product. Every DOT helmet I have seen lately has a foreign origin label inside. I’m not certain why they’re made outside U.S.A. and yet we impose DOT laws inside the U.S.A. Maybe a political trade arrangement with foreign countries? I’m not trashing foreign made merchandise. With an huge motorcycle market, it sounds as if our economic system could only gain if the so called “approved” helmets were built in the U.S..

Aside from what kind or type of helmet we may be obligated to buy, it’s better to wear at least some type of protection on your head. Few could argue that. I find it odd that it is perfectly legal to text and drive in some states but illegal to ride without a helmet. So, in law enforcement’s eyes, it’s okay to endanger others while driving and playing on the phone but not ok to assume a risk that only effects our own safety. The decision to wear or not wear a helmet should be left up to the individual person.

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