Getting Honeymoon in Puerto Rico for You and Your Better Half

July 8, 2011   Filed under Destination

Is there a good honeymoon in Puerto Rico? Well, if you are that kind of couple looking for the adventure, the scenic views and the unwinding moments to share with your better half as you both indulge yourselves with a one of kind vacation, then this trip to the west might be the chance you’ve been waiting for. Set your plans now and get your vacation in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated state on USA, located in the north eastern portion of the Caribbean Sea. It lies adjacent to Dominican Republic and has a few several small islands surrounding its main island called Puerto Rico too. In this place, you’ll find lots and lots of things that couples could spend with their honeymoon vacation in Puerto Rico.

While you are in the area, your honeymoon in Puerto Rico can involve activities such as horseback riding along the beach. You can also enjoy some romantic date while watching the sunset at San Juan Bay. You can also try out cooling yourselves with the clear and inviting warm waters of the Puerto Rico beaches as you smother yourself with its snow-white sand.

You may also walk hand in hand together along the coast of San Juan and be captivated by the fortress of El Morro or drop by the Rincon Pottery and see the work of art made out of the clays of Puerto Rico, both for your eyes’ consumption and for purchase too. You can also spend some quiet moments at a cove of the Flamenco beach where you can enjoy calm seas throughout the day.

The fun just never stops here. You can find out more activities that could be done if you’ll explore the place personally. These things are only some of the things that you could enjoy there but upon reaching it then expect to see more than what you’ve ever imagined. Prepare yourselves for that honeymoon in Puerto Rico and enjoy your stay.

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