Five Hints On How To Locate A Top Class Hotel In London Kings Cross

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If you are looking for a Kings Cross hotel, then you will probably be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of choice. So how do you pick the right hotel? From location to reading reviews, there are a variety of methods for choosing. These five pointers should help you along.

An important thing to consider particularly with hotels in London Kings Cross, is that pricing is dependent on availability. If a big event is on (like at the 02 Arena where there are always gigs on), hotels in the surrounding area tend to be flooded. And when demand for rooms is high, hotels put the price of their rooms up. On the flip side though- you may find a bargain in quieter periods.

Once you have narrowed down a list of hotels that match pricing and availability, you can look at other factors. Browse the website of the hotel to look at what it has to offer. Making direct comparisons you can then weigh up hotels against each other. It’s also worth considering some amenities are worth more than others. As an example, I know I’d rather have a trouser press than a TV. A garden for the minority would be less preferable to say a bar. At the end of the day, all this comes down to personal preference.

The most important part of a hotel for me is good staff. Thus, giving the hotel reception a call can help. While you are on the phone, you can learn about the facilities, and the staff. And also, a happy polite staff member is bound to make your stay more pleasurable, than someone that is grumpy.

Location is key for a hotel. After all, why would you be booking a hotel in the first place? Try and find a hotel near to the tube, as this will make things so much easier. You can find out what else is about (clubs etc) by using Google Maps. Although if you don’t mind a taxi, don’t swear. Taxi transport is also much safer in the evenings.

Reviews are what makes a hotel. Using Google, you’ll find a plethora of hotel review sites. Though they may be moderated, some hotels may have their own online guestbook. Friends can also give you an idea of what is good and what isn’t. Although always take word of mouth with a pinch of salt. Some people find fault in anything!

If you are trying to locate examples of a first rate Kings Cross Hotel, try The Wardonia. Information on room facilities can be found on Kings Cross Hotels here.


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